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Kitchen Décor 2019: The Trends You’ll Love

Kitchen Décor 2019: The Trends You’ll Love

If you are thinking of renovating the kitchen in 2019, you cannot miss what interior design will bring next year. Get inspired with a trendy kitchen renovation. Here are the trends that seem to be key in the design, which the best Kitchen renovation service providers are offering in 2019. We are sure that you will look for ways to incorporate some of them if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen or simply making some changes. So, are you ready? Keep reading this interesting article.

Marble Splashes

The best kitchen renovators are offering spectacular marble countertops in 2019 to create luxurious, bright and spectacular kitchens. Of course, not everyone can afford marble. That’s why kitchen renovation service providers in Cronulla offer other cheaper materials, such as quartz, that imitate the marbling finish very well. The Arabascatto and the Calacatta Oro seem to be the marble finishes that will be worn the most in 2019.  

Natural Materials

As per the latest kitchen renovation trends, kitchens made with raw materials will be a trend in 2019. Not only marble will be the protagonist, but also wood, stone, shiplap, and even jute will be incorporated into the kitchens providing texture and that organic and luxurious point of the trends in decoration for 2019.

Hanging lighting

Pendant lighting with Italian style will be widely used in the design for 2019, mainly in kitchens with high ceilings where these types of lamps can bring warmth and sophistication.

Integrated appliances 

Integrated appliances will continue to be on the rise in kitchens by 2019. And the best Kitchen renovation service providers are working on it. In addition to integrated refrigerators, ovens and microwaves, integrated straighteners are added that will help make the kitchen renovation service providers make kitchens look much more homogenous and sophisticated.

Warmth before all

The fact that a kitchen is modern does not mean that it cannot have the warm and welcoming touch that the classic style usually offers. That’s why the classic and modern combination will be more than usual in designs in 2019. And the best kitchen service providers in Cronulla will help you by providing that classic touch. 

Matt black

Matte black will continue to trend in the decoration of kitchens in 2019, but this time in a slightly more subtle way. Instead of decorating the cabinets completely, they will be present in carpentry and household appliance details, providing sophisticated accents to light-coloured kitchens.

Latest technologies

Of course, the kitchen renovation designs for 2019 by the best kitchen service providers in Cronulla will combine the latest technology to make comfort and functionality present in the home. Ovens that can be controlled via Wi-Fi, coffee machines where you can program your cappuccino through the phone without having to get out of bed or smart wine coolers to have your precious bottles at the right temperature. 

Dark green

Dark green shades like the night watch or the hunter green will also come in the kitchen renovation and decoration in 2019. Mixed with walnut woods or with elegant touches like leather or metallic handles, they will create that classic, cozy and luxurious sensation that is sought next year. So, take the opportunity to renovate your kitchen and get the best kitchen renovation ideas.