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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Children Sun Hats

by | Oct 5, 2022 | swimwear | 0 comments

Your kid’s outfit should never be hat-shy. They have a way of completing the look, turning your youngster into an adorable little thing with style and flair. We take you through what to look for when buying children’s sun hats.

Head size:

When buying your children’s sun hats, make sure you have their head measurements to choose a perfect fit. Some are made of stretchy material, which makes them adjustable for different head sizes. Others, however, are only made for specific head sizes, and this is where knowing your baby’s size comes in handy.

The weather:

The season you are in also plays a role in buying children’s sun hats. For example, for summer you need to buy a hat that will protect your little one from UV rays. This capability is that you will want one that is large and adequate to cowl the face, neck, and eyes from unfavorable rays.

For example, the iPlay Flap Sun Protection Hat is a go-to for sunny days. It has flaps that ensure the sides of your baby’s face are well protected, plus it’s rated 50+ UPF meaning your baby is safe from UV rays. It’s breathable and has straps that ensure it doesn’t fall off. It can be worn for any outdoor activity like going to the beach.

In addition, Winter requires a hat that will lock in the heat needed to keep the baby warm. Kids can work on the acrylic clock trick. The acrylic material helps keep your baby warm and it can stretch to the ears so is good for colder seasons.


Your child’s age also determines what type of children’s sun hats to buy. For example, the Legionnaire is suitable for toddlers from newborn to a few months old. This age group also needs a hat strap to prevent it from falling off. Also, small children sweat a lot, and their hats should be breathable to ensure a cooling effect.

The price:

Hat prices vary depending on the brand, material used, and features including keeping kids safe. For example, some add acrylic fabric to keep you warm, while UPF is added to hats for hot and sunny weather to protect against UV rays. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find children’s sun hats that will protect your little one at a price within your pocket.


Whether you want to attend an event with your kid or know that you are going to a picnic or a wedding, you need to make sure that the hat matches the occasion. A cap to be worn for sports should be able to protect the face from the oncoming weather and should be sweat absorbent and breathable to ensure comfort.

Hats are a good accessory not only for adults but for children as mentioned above. Choosing the right one for your child will ensure that they are well protected and comfortable for as long as they wear it.

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