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A new normal for house removal

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Home Improvement | 0 comments

The pandemic changed the dynamics of every aspect of the planet. The way we work and travel has been affected the most in this trying time. COVID established a new normal. The norms of social distancing, the compulsion of masks and sanitizers have taken over the crowded parties and traveling. 

Pandemic also changed the way people move their houses. Earlier it was very easy to just hire someone randomly to move your things. But now there are many other things to be considered before hiring the removalist Zetland. COVID not only affected cities like Adelaide and Sydney but also small cities like Zetland. It led to several changes in cities like this as well. 

Moving your house in times like is a completely new thing. The old practices have been dropped off and the new normal has taken over. The companies who operate in this segment have adopted completely new practices to transport the goods of the house. 

The new changes 

1. Increased storage- 

There are local curbs in each part of the country and some of them don’t allow movement to & from the city. Thus before removing the goods from your house, talk to the agency whether they have storage or not. You must consider the storage factor while selecting your agency. 

The professionals have understood this fact and they have started increasing the storage space in their warehouses. They have understood the need for storage in these different times thus they have employed storage mechanisms for the ease of their customers. 

2. Social distancing- 

Although this factor didn’t play any role before the covid times. But now social distancing has become a must in every space. The professional agencies have trained their staff to adapt to the new conditions. They now follow a particular protocol while completing their tasks. 

The use of masks and sanitizers have also been employed in their practices. No one is allowed to work without them. These agencies have also made it compulsory for their clients as well to wear masks and maintain the norm of social distancing. 

3. Sanitisation- 

All the goods and items that are picked up by the agencies are first sanitized properly. The transportation of these goods is also done in a microbubble wherein only authorized people can touch these boxes. Before bringing the item to the new location, these boxes are again sanitized for safety purposes. 

Although a good professional agency always recommends that you use completely new transport boxes to take goods into your new house because of the uncertainty of this virus. 


It is not possible to get every employee tested every day. Although the good removalist Zetland agencies are trying their best to test their employees at proper intervals. 

The issue is that there is still a lot of volatility in this virus, and thus sometimes the results of the tests vary a lot. This is why it is crucial that you all follow the covid norms all the time so that there can never be any risk of you or the workers getting infected with this virus.

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