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Advantages Of Having Travertine Floors

by | Dec 2, 2021 | Flooring, Home Improvement | 0 comments

Travertine is one of the most prevalent types of natural-stone tile for many reasons, including its look and durability. It is a type of limestone curated when minerals dissolve in groundwater and eventually move by springs above the ground. This stone pattern is offered in various earth tones such as beige, rust, browns, and tans. Here are six benefits of having travertine polishing is an excellent selection for your indoor or outdoor tiling. 

1. Timeless Appeal

Travertine has a beauty and timeless sense that’s hard to match. It has been used in architecture and construction since Roman times when it was used to construct steps, temples, monuments, and amphitheaters like the Colosseum made almost entirely from floors with travertine polishing. Travertine provides a distinct and timeless look with light tones of grey, white, gold, tan, and golden brown and seldom darker worn red tones. One of the most appealing features of travertine is its unusual weathered look. 

2. Many Finish Options

In addition to selecting the right shade of stone, you can also customise the look of your floors with several travertine polishing options. Travertine stone can be unfilled or filled, which enhances durability. Polished travertine offers an even and settled finish that’s stain-resistant, although slippery. Honed travertine is the most popular alternative for floors, as it’s polished flat but not glossed. Tumbled and brushed travertine both offer textured surfaces with muted colours that do not reflect light. If you choose tumbled, brushed, or honed travertine, sealing your stone to inhibit blemishes will be even more crucial. 

3. Versatility

Travertine attains many forms, and it can be utilised in varied applications like tile floors, shower plates, sink bowls, brickwork facades, and countertops. This makes it easier to create a cohesive shower during a remodel. You may enjoy the seamless look of a travertine polishing tile shower that flows right into the travertine floors, or perhaps you prefer the look of travertine countertops that match the bases. 

4. Fairly Low Maintenance

Travertine needs a bit more maintenance than some flooring varieties, but using the right cleaning products and regularly sealing your travertine polishing can make maintenance a breeze. Travertine must be cleared often to prevent debris from damaging the floors. Always wipe up spills right away to prevent stains because the stone is porous. To avoid damage to the rock, nevermore apply acidic or caustic cleaning products. If you already know how to clean granite and natural-stone floors, sweeping travertine is essentially the same process.

5. Long-Term Durability

Like most types of natural stone, travertine is very permanent and stands up well to heavy foot traffic. Travertine has a hardness evaluation equivalent to marble, but it can withstand extreme temperature changes, unlike other stone types. This makes it the ideal alternative for indoor and outdoor settings like porches. If you want filled travertine and seal it regularly, it will be practically stained and waterproof.

6. Lower Cost Than Other Types Of Natural Stone

If cost is a concern, but you still want the beauty of natural stone, travertine is a good alternative. While travertine is an extravagant flooring option, it tends to be more affordable than marble or granite flooring.

Considering the above-given advantages, you need to understand how travertine polishing will add to the value of your property. In addition, you will be able to make a selection based on the added knowledge. 

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