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by | Oct 22, 2022 | Commercial, Home Improvement | 0 comments

With global warming at its all-time high, it’s best to enjoy the weather. Sunbathing, star gazing, and dancing in the rain sound so wonderful. Regardless of how lovely it sounds, it is impossible given that there is a massive roof outside the house, which restricts us from enjoying it. 

Ordinary roofs are restricting, limiting, and not that good-looking. But we use them anyway for safety purposes. But what if I tell you there is a solution that will allow you to enjoy nature and protect your house? Would you consider changing your roof?

Say hello to Polycarbonate roofing sheets!

Polycarbonate is an extraordinarily hi-tech and advanced plastic. It gives excellent performance along with being eco-friendly. It is cost and energy-saving. Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, hot and cold, it is also very lightweight. They are almost unbreakable and can withstand a very high amount of force. There are polycarbonate varieties that are bulletproof and often used in police shields. 

Let’s discuss the advantages of polycarbonate roofing sheets.

  1. Temperature resistant: Polycarbonate roofing sheets are made of a thermoplastic material. It can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures. Be it a heat wave or a snowstorm, it stays unaffected. 
  2. High quality: If it can withstand hail storms and heat waves, it is bound to be high-quality. It is made of one of the best chemical combinations that provide extreme resilience. It also remains as it is for years without discolouring or fading. It also remains damage free, even after bearing hard impacts.
  3. Unbreakable: It is solid and has remarkable resilience. Its sturdiness can withstand even bullets. It has 250 times more strength than ordinary glass, 30 times more resilience than plexiglass, and 20 times more stability than toughened glass, making it world-class protection.
  4. UV resistant: Polycarbonate consists of a UV protective coating that prevents UV access in your interior and helps protect your furniture. We can also use this to protect your art and exhibitions. The coating protects the polycarbonate material itself and thus prolongs its already long-lasting life. This proves to be an extremely durable product for the outdoors.
  5. Lightweight: Its weight has nothing to do with resilience because of its molecular structure. Polycarbonate being lightweight is advantageous for transport, handling and installation.
  6. Transparency: Polycarbonate is also available in transparent to opaque varieties. It offers ninety-two per cent of the transmission of light. This feature is handy for greenhouses, roofs, canopies and skylights. 
  7.  Affordable: The best part about it is its affordability. The range for this in the market is reasonable and inexpensive. For something so beneficial, it is comparatively low cost. It also is an excellent investment because of its durability and ultra-long life. 

Polycarbonate roofing sheets can be used for conservatories, swimming pool covers, commercial greenhouses, sports stadiums, industrial buildings, offices, decks, patios, garages and sheds. You can also pick a color you like, such as smooth cream, opal, clear, dark tint colors, grey, light bronze etc.

Now you can transform your backyard into a haven for you where you can relax while simultaneously enjoying nature.  

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