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Are you Considering to Choose A Removalist? This one’s for you!

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Home Improvement | 0 comments

Instead of gambling on your belongings, or paying a fortune for bad service, choose to hire a reputable, professional removal company in Marrickville. There are removalist companies nowadays that take care of all your moving needs right from early packing to unpacking and furniture placement.

Hiring experts makes the tasks comparatively very convenient. It saves both your time and effort. However, you should hire a better company for better results. Here are some points to consider before finalizing a removalist in Marrickville for such services.

Points To Consider

Membership of the AFRA

AFRA refers to the Australian Furniture Removers Association. One needs to know if a company is a member of the association or not. AFRA is the association that is behind the removal industry. A company with such a membership ensures you complete protection when dealing with it for removal services. The removalist company could have been a founding member or be a member at present.

Checking police checks

The staff of the removalist in Marrickville should have all its members had their Police Checks. It is an AFRA requirement that necessitates every staff member to have it fulfilled.

Free in-house inspection

Next, see to it that the company you are about to hire ensures a free in-house inspection. This is imperative in all cases except when the job is the smallest. This will prevent you from gambling on the final price. The professionals will visit you and provide a written, fixed price, obligation-free quotation.

Also, the written quotation should further show the address as well as the office phone number. There can be several other details available with the written quotation.


An experienced company with knowledgeable staff will be the correct choice. Inexperienced people will only get you messed up with details. See how many years the company has been doing the job. The staff should be skilled enough for the task and the company should have the overall ability to produce impressive results.

Look for independent reviews

Such reviews can be found on the internet. Study them before you finalize a company for the removal task. This will give you genuine reactions from all those who tried getting the services from that company.

Check-out storage facilities

In case you enter the need for storage, you must know where and how to store your goods. This should be checked with facilities. Exceptional and cost-effective storage options should be available with the removalists in Marrickville.

Insurance arrangement

It involves all staff members of the company being accredited representatives of insurance providers. The company should also provide proper documentation to prove that the customer is covered. Such things strengthen the confidence of the clients in the company.

Damage elimination

When you are about to move interstate, you should see that the goods are moved and stored in shipping containers. Also, see that they are sent by rail. The company should use large and strong boxes to eliminate the chances for losses, mould and damage.

History of the removalist company

Last but not least, check out the history of the removalist company’s services. Go through the testimonials to get a better idea of the working standards.

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