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Become A Contributor

If you wish to become a contributor then we are the perfect choice for you to enhance your skills and grow along with us. If you excel at writing informative and creative articles, True Services is a perfect platform for you to showcase your talent. Being able to weave your thoughts and ideas around a central idea is something that brings uniqueness to the content. We have a team of experienced contributors that have been working hard to provide quality content to the readers. We expect our writers to maintain the standard and credibility of our website.
Good quality content attracts the readers and makes them visit the website again and again. Being a contributor, you need to make sure that the content is both impressive and authentic. The content can be made attractive by using relevant videos and photos. In addition to this, related links can also be included. Backlinks also play a great role in grabbing the reader’s attention.
The basic format that should be followed while writing the articles is stated below.

❖ Good Title

Equipped with the primary keyword, the title should be catchy and should invoke interest in the readers. Having good quality content but a poor title does not help in engaging well with readers.

❖ Summary

The summary reflects the main idea that the content will contain further. It should contain a minimum of 120 characters and the sentences should be perfectly framed. Avoid any kind of grammatical mistakes and give it a read after writing.

❖ Body

The body contains all the information in a detailed manner and consists of at least 400 characters. Make sure that you use tools like Grammarly to avoid grammatical mistakes and make the readers visit again and again. The photos can be included in this section for better understanding but do not include any kind of visual content that deviates the reader from the main topics.


Content Guidelines

To write good content, there are some rules and guidelines that need to be followed by the contributors. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • The first and foremost requirement of our website is that the content should not be copied from anywhere and should be completely original. The writer should be able to express his thoughts well.
  • Use proper spacing techniques so that the content looks neat and clean. The presentation of the content is as important as the themes involved in it.
  • Try using different formats to enhance the creativity of the content. Writers can try using the listicle format as it makes the reading easy.
  • In the case of plagiarized content, we have the right to block you or flag your content. Publishing of copied or derived content is not appreciated by us.
  • Create content that is engaging enough and research the topic in detail so that it coincides with the areas dealt with by us.


Why should you get in touch with us?

We motivate and value writers who excel in writing good content and have the ability to attract readers. Provide us with your sample content through contact forms and our content reviewer team will reach out to you soon.