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Best Inspirations And Trends For Kitchen And Bathroom Taps

by | Jan 20, 2023 | Bathroom Renovation, Home Improvement, Kitchen Equipment | 0 comments

Kitchen and bathroom faucets are one of the most vital upgrades while you renovate your bathroom or kitchen. Almost 81% of the renovating house owners prefer to upgrade their kitchen and bathroom taps

Due to this high demand, manufacturers upgrade bathroom and kitchen faucet styles, finishes, and features according to the latest trends. 

However, some manufacturers launch their brand new designs as well. This post will discuss the best inspirations and trends you can follow for bathroom and kitchen taps.

What Trends You can Follow for kitchen and Bathroom Taps

Pull-Down Designs

Presently, pull-down faucets are very trendy. These taps allow you to extend the spray nozzle to rinse vegetables, fill pots, and clean the entire basin easily.

Popular kitchen and bathroom taps manufacturers are updating their existing collections and launching attractive-looking faucets. These taps also resist stains and mineral buildup.

Mixing Finishes

Mixing Finish taps have been popular in recent years. Initially, these taps were rendered as dramatically contrasting finishes. But nowadays, manufacturers take a more subtle approach to ensure better-mixed finishes.

Taps With Curves

Do you prefer kitchen and bathroom taps with soft flowing lines? Then you can go with taps with curves. These taps feature delicate edges and a soft flowing shape. 

These taps not only provide a spa-like look but also these taps are tactile. With these taps, you will get two choices- wall and deck-mounted taps.

Curved taps are available in various shades. You can choose the perfect shade according to the ambience and decor of your kitchen or bathroom. 

Commercial Style

This particular faucet is mainly noticed in commercial restaurant kitchens. Several tap manufacturers have launched these taps in the last few years. If you want a modern look to your kitchen or bathroom, you can go with these taps. 

Lever Handles

The concept of lever handles is getting famous for kitchen and bathroom taps. We can’t deny the abundance of widespread lever handle designs in bathroom and kitchen faucets. Taps with lever handles are pretty convenient to use.

Single-Handle Designs

Many manufacturers are currently releasing new collections in the taps with single-handle designs. Some people find this style saves countertop space. Besides, it is easy to clean due to its widespread design.

Geometric Taps

Geometric design taps look excellent in copper, chrome, brushed nickel, or gold finish. These taps ensure a sleeker and pared-back appearance. 

You can add your preferred design to an integrated basin that provides a minimalist feel. If you don’t want anything too fussy, then go with the geometric taps. 

Besides, the basin mixer cartridge with heat regulator and flow rate control help to save water and energy consumption. Thus you can conserve natural resources and reduce heating bills. 

Chunky taps

These taps are available in glossy black and high-shine chrome. While looking for modern-looking kitchen and bathroom taps, you can go with these tap designs. 

If your bathroom and kitchen have a chunky theme, these taps will be perfect. With these taps, you can install metal-framed storage or steel-framed shower screens.

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