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Everything You Need To Know About Forged Carbon Hydro Dipping

Everything You Need To Know About Forged Carbon Hydro Dipping

Hydro dipping is a fun way to decorate just about anything that can be submerged in water. The activity is fun, and you get something to remember when you are done.

Since you can hydro-dip almost anything, you can give your things a splash of color. This can include your crocs, walking sticks, glasses frames, and even stones for a project in your yard. Forged carbon hydro dipping is so fun and hard to stop doing that you might want to dip anything and everything.

How Does Forged Carbon Hydro Dipping Work

The hydrographic process involves moving water around an object to make a pattern on it. Printing can be done on hard, non-porous, and water-safe materials, such as glass, wood, metals, fiberglass, ceramics, and all types of plastics. Preparing the item to be printed is essential to the hydrographic process.

A base coat is put on to match the pattern that will be printed. Both the base coat and the finish coat can be used to control the contrast. The pattern you chose has been printed on a polyvinyl film that breaks down in the water. This film is carefully placed on top of the water in a special tank for hydrographic printing.

Getting To Know the Benefits of Hydro-Dipping Forged Carbon

Knowing how forged carbon hydro dipping works is essential for understanding how long it will last. Any part or material we get to hydro dip is tested to see if the paint will stick. It will only be dipped during testing if the paint sticks to the item. 

Layers of paint and a clear coat keep the hydrography in good shape. First, all the parts are painted with a base color. We have a few different kinds of these adhesion promoters, so you can choose the one that works best for you. After the base coat, the product is dipped and covered with the hydrographic, which sticks to the base paint. The hydrographic will stay the same as long as the base paint does not change.

Because all hydrographic film is printed with the same inks, the color or pattern you choose does not affect the quality. As the last step, you receive the finished product, a clear coat made for cars. UV inhibitors in this clear coat protectant keep the finish from fading.

Forged carbon hydro dipping finishes are strong and will last long if used often. But, just like the finish on your car, the paint can get scratched if the product is poorly used. The hydrographic finish can fail if you scratch the clear coat that protects it.

Almost anything can be dipped. Think of game controllers, phone caps, coffee makers, or even bigger things, like the tank of a motorcycle, the fairing of a motorcycle, the feeling of a scooter, the interior of a car, and even the bumpers of a vehicle.

Forged carbon hydro dipping is less expensive than a unique painting but has the same qualities. Compared to wrap film, the benefits are that the print cannot shrink, it cannot come off, and there are no sharp edges.