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Why Are Small Off-Road Caravans The Popular Choice

Why Are Small Off-Road Caravans The Popular Choice

Don’t be fooled with the large structure of full-sized caravans; while they might offer you more space, this would be pointless unless you’re actually going to be using that space. It might appear grander in appearance; however, the basic amenities that it offers can be found in a variety of small off road caravans as well. If you are only a couple of people using the van, having large idle spaces can eventually prove to be a burden to handle and maintain. Hence it is ideal to opt for the more compact and easy maintenance option that can promise you the same experience that a larger caravan would.

Advantages Offered By Small Off Road Caravans:

1. Towing a caravan can be difficult. Even if you are experienced with it, there is some skill involved with towing. Small caravans make things easier, unlike bigger caravans that can pose a problem when reversing, turning, or even parking. This would help beginners, especially those who are just then learning to operate or drive around with a caravan in tow. 

2. Further, these can be attached to your average family car. With full-sized caravans, there is a possibility that you would have to upgrade your vehicle to an SUV or even hire a small truck to lug it around. This trouble is circumvented with the use of small off road caravans, which can easily be towed with a regular-sized car or SUV.

3. Since these are smaller and weigh significantly less, they consume limited amounts of fuel. Fuel efficiency can not be assured with larger caravans due to their weight and the energy required to tow them across long distances. 

4. Small caravans are compact and do not require much space in terms of parking or even storage. These can easily be parked in your driveways or garage without looking out of place. 

5. If you are not equipped with handling a towed caravan, you might encounter certain instances wherein you might have difficulty reversing and parking your vehicle in a particular spot. This can happen even with experienced drivers sometimes; in such cases, small off road caravans can be handled quite conveniently.  Many recent small caravan designs come with grab handles attached to them; these allow you to pull the van to a suitable spot manually. This is not possible with full-sized caravans since they are too heavy for manual operation.

6. These are incredibly economical and offer great value for money. The starting price for a brand new small off road caravan is from $20,000, and then it comes to depending on the amenities and customisation that you’ve ordered. 

7. Small does not always mean you would have to sacrifice your amenities or even the interior design of your caravan. You would be surprised to find that you can avail small off road caravans that are aesthetically pleasing and designed with unique structural layouts to ensure optimal ease for the user. The interiors of such vans also exceptionally appear quaint and cute to look at.

These were some of the benefits associated with the purchase of small off road caravans. If you agree with them, get your very own caravan today.