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Alcohol Wipes: A Broad Spectrum Of Application

Alcohol Wipes: A Broad Spectrum Of Application

Since the pandemic’s onset, using alcohol wipes has become immensely popular. To be precise, alcohol wipes are commonly used for disinfecting hard surfaces, removing flux residues, degreasing, and cleaning fingerprints. 

It is the isopropyl alcohol that is used for making wipes. The wipes come in pop-up tubs where you can pull up the wipes from the top. The wipes are also available in plastic packs that are perfect for maintaining the field. 

Various applications

We can use alcohol wipes for various purposes. The wipes are made using isopropyl alcohol. The multiple uses are as follows:

  • It can be used for cleaning optical surfaces.
  • The wipes can be used for cleaning fusion splicers and fibre optic connectors.
  • The wipes can also be used for cleaning the computer keyboard.
  • It has its application in cleaning display screens. 
  • The wipes can be used for removing dust, oil & other contaminants.
  • The wipes are immensely beneficial in cleaning surfaces. It is widely used for protecting & cleaning sensitive contact surfaces.

The wipes have various applications and have become immensely because of their ease of use.


alcohol wipes

Vaccination centres and hospitals need proper supplies & ways to prevent cross-contamination. Before vaccination, the area must be so prepared that the individual taking the vaccine must not feel any pain.

It is when the alcohol wipes come into use. The wipes are known for decreasing the bacteria in tears & minor cuts associated with needles. 

Surface cleaning & other uses

Cleaning the door handles using alcohol wipes can improve sanitation conditions & reduce the chance of spreading the disease. Coffee makers, scouring badges, and visitors’ badges are the high-traffic items that require frequent disinfection, and it can be only done with the use of alcohol wipes that are easy to use. 

Every building does not need to be sanitized like hospitals, but high-traffic surfaces need to be cleaned properly with alcohol wipes. 

Thermal printers need monthly cleaning to avoid building up residue. Regular maintenance of the thermal printers with the use of alcohol wipes can prevent unexpected downtime. 

Alcohol swabs are used for cleaning card readers, charging points & other accessories. The wipes are also used for polishing the windows and glassware. Windows cleaned with isopropyl alcohol wipes are sure to look new. 

Wrapping up

It is not difficult to find alcohol wipes in the market. It is now widely available. Since the start of the pandemic, its uses have increased manifolds. Alcohol wipes of various brands are available in the market. 

As several brands are available in the market, it becomes confusing to go for a particular brand. All you can do is check with the local stores which is the most sold one and compare them with an online store. It will give you an idea of what wipes to buy. So use alcohol wipes and keep the bacteria and virus under control.

Tips To Clear A Blocked Drain In Your Home

Tips To Clear A Blocked Drain In Your Home

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing issues everyone faces daily worldwide. You have probably had the experience of doing the dishes and emptying the sink only to find that it drains slower than you ever imagined. Because blockages can happen at any time, it is good to be prepared. Blockages in your drains can cause water to spill out, potentially causing damage to your home. But if it is a severe blockage, it can lead to burst pipes, which can be considerably more expensive to fix. You can call a blocked drain plumber nearby Lewisham to overcome this issue. Here are some of the most common tips for clearing blocked drains in your home:

Baking Soda And Vinegar

Have any ideas on how to clear the blocked drain with home remedies? Yes, baking soda and vinegar are two of the most effective natural home remedies for cleaning. To make your drain unblocking solution, combine 1/3 cup baking soda with 1/3 cup vinegar. When you combine the two chemicals, they should fizz right away, so do not pour the mixture down the drain. Let it sit for an hour or even overnight for the best results. You can directly reach plumber if you think you need a blocked drain plumber to handle this process.

Wet And Dry Vacuum

The blocked drains Lewisham are common in the entire home. So you can use a wet and dry shop vacuum is another useful tool for unblocking drains. The first step is to set it to vacuum liquids while blocking the vent to avoid a mess. Next, you can make the tightest possible closure over the drain. You can get creative with this, such as repurposing an old plunger head. Then you set the vacuum to the highest level so that the blockage can be drawn up the pipe and into the vacuum bag. It is also worth a shot, even if it does not always work.


You can also choose a plunger to unblock a clogged drain like it can unblock a toilet. Before you start plunging, plug any overflow spouts to ensure a good seal. The plunger’s up-and-down pressure can help to release any blockages, allowing your pipes to flow freely once more. Plunging works best for solid blockages, although ineffective against grease and mineral deposits.

Caustic Soda

You can use rubber gloves to clear the blocked drain, and eye protection is needed for this approach. Caustic soda, or sodium hydroxide, can produce chemical burns. These are available at your local hardware shop, but they must be handled with care. Pour 34 gallons of cold water into a mop bucket and add three caustic or corrosive soda cups. With an old wooden spoon, thoroughly combine them. This will begin to bubble and warm. After that, pour it down the clogged drain and wait 20-30 minutes. Finally, pour boiling water down the drain. If required, repeat the procedure.

Bottom Line:

If you find blocked drains Lewisham, you will need to call a professional to come in and fix the problem for you. Professionals can also unblock your drain securely and effectively, allowing you to resume your normal routine without further stress.

When To Go For Hot Water Repairs In Annandale

When To Go For Hot Water Repairs In Annandale

A malfunction in the water heater does not appear until you are compelled to take a shower in the ice-cold water. As the water heater continues performing uninterrupted, it is natural to undergo stress, resulting in a breakdown you cannot prevent. Once the heater fails to deliver hot water, you realize the significance of hot water repairs in Annandale and call a plumber immediately. 

Reasons to repair the water heater:

The warm water coming out of the tap keeps you comfortable allows you to enjoy a relaxing and warm bath. Unfortunately, most homeowners fail to notice the problems right away. Here are a few reasons you may have to call a 24/7 emergency plumber to look into the water heater problems. 

The fluctuating temperature of the water 

Have you observed that the water coming out of the heater is often hot and other times moderately hot? When the water temperature fluctuates without unexplained reasons, a professional plumber needs to visit your home to inspect the cause behind the issue. 

If you have recently purchased the heating device, you can ask the plumber to conduct the repairs. However, if the water heater is too old, a replacement is a more affordable solution. Often, mineral deposit accumulation may be the primary cause of inefficient heating, but the professional needs to determine the exact reason before repairing or replacing it. 

Leaks in the water heater 

When the water heater starts leaking, hot water repairs in Annandale is one of the steps to consider as you need a professional to come over and visually inspect the tank for leaks. When the heater is left untreated, it may cause severe damage to the home. Therefore, you need to ask for restoration service from the emergency plumber. 

Hot water finishes quickly.

Once the water heats, it stays hot for a long time. However, if you run out of water heaters too early, there must be an issue in the heating elements that require hot water repairs in Annadale.

Weird noises from the tank

When the water heater turns old, you may hear a soft buzzing sound. However, ignoring the minor sounds may soon cause them to become rumbling and not repairing the device may cause it to burst. Therefore, when the heater makes a banging or a cracking sound, you need to raise a concern and call a 24/7 emergency plumber immediately. 

Discolouration of water

One of the surefire signs to note in the water heater is when the hot eater it delivers is of a rusty and brownish colour. The reasons behind the discolouration of water may be rust or corrosion. Therefore, asking the professionals for hot water repairs in Annandale is the best decision. 

Aging heater 

Even if you fail to notice an apparent malfunction in the heater, the sudden issues it develops overnight may require you to hire a 24/7 emergency plumber. 

The lifespan of the heater may range from fifteen to eighteen years. So, when the heater starts aging, there is every reason for you to hire an expert before considering a repair replacement.