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Ways To Secure A Website Made In WordPress

Ways To Secure A Website Made In WordPress

WordPress has become one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) for building websites.  Web designing in Sydney is thriving. While WordPress offers a user-friendly interface and a vast array of plugins and themes, it is crucial to prioritise the security of your website. As cyber threats continue to evolve, implementing robust security measures is essential to safeguard your website and protect your users’ information. In this blog, we will explore several effective ways to secure a website made in WordPress.

Keep WordPress Updated

Regularly updating your WordPress installation, themes, and plugins is vital for maintaining website security. Developers frequently release updates that address vulnerabilities and patch security loopholes. By staying up-to-date, you ensure that your website is protected against known threats. Enable automatic updates whenever possible, or regularly check for updates in your WordPress dashboard.

Choose Reliable Themes And Plugins

When selecting themes and plugins for your WordPress web design, opt for reputable sources. Choose themes and plugins from trusted developers who have a good track record of providing regular updates and addressing security concerns promptly. Be cautious when downloading free themes or plugins from unfamiliar sources, as they may contain malicious codes.

Use Strong Passwords

Creating strong passwords is a simple yet effective way to enhance website security. Avoid common passwords, such as “password123” or “admin.” Instead, use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Consider using a password manager to generate and securely store complex passwords for all your WordPress accounts.

Limit Login Attempts

Limiting the number of login attempts helps protect your website from brute-force attacks. By default, WordPress allows unlimited login attempts, making it easier for hackers to gain unauthorised access. Install a security plugin that restricts login attempts, locks out suspicious IP addresses, and adds additional security layers like two-factor authentication.

Implement Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate

An SSL certificate encrypts the communication between your website and its visitors, ensuring secure transmission of sensitive information. SSL is particularly crucial if your website collects user data, processes payments, or requires users to log in. Obtain an SSL certificate from a reputable certificate authority (CA) and configure it on your WordPress website.

Regularly Backup Your Website

Regular backups are essential for disaster recovery and restoring your website in the event of a security breach as a part of effective ways to secure websites made in WordPress. Use reliable backup plugins to schedule automatic backups of your WordPress database and files. Store the backup files securely in an off-site location or a cloud storage service. Test your backups periodically to ensure they are complete and functional.

Secure File Permissions

Incorrect file permissions can leave your website vulnerable to exploitation. Set appropriate file permissions for your WordPress installation, themes, and plugins. Generally, directories should have permissions of 755 or 750, while files should be set to 644 or 640. Restrict write access wherever possible, as it reduces the risk of unauthorised modifications to critical files.

Protect the wp-config.php File

The wp-config.php file contains sensitive information, including database credentials and authentication keys. Protect this file by moving it to a higher-level directory outside the publicly accessible root folder. This prevents unauthorised access and ensures that your configuration settings remain secure.

Install A Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A WAF acts as a shield between your website and potential threats. It filters incoming traffic, blocks malicious requests, and detects and mitigates various types of attacks, such as SQL injections and cross-site scripting (XSS). Numerous security plugins offer WAF functionality, enhancing your website’s security posture.

Monitor Website Activity

Regularly monitor your website’s activity and log files for any suspicious behaviour. Install a security plugin that alerts you to potential security threats, such as file changes, login attempts, or malware infections. Promptly investigate and address any detected issues to prevent further damage.


To secure a Website made in WordPress, requires a proactive approach and ongoing vigilance. By following these key steps, you can significantly enhance the security of your WordPress website, protecting both your business and your users’ information.

If you need professional assistance with WordPress web design, securing your WordPress website or require expert digital marketing services in Sydney, consider reaching out to Zeal Digital. As a renowned digital marketing agency, Zeal Digital has a team of experienced professionals who can help you establish a robust online presence while ensuring the security of your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I update WordPress, themes, and plugins?

Regular updates are crucial for maintaining website security. It is recommended to update WordPress, themes, and plugins as soon as new updates are released. Enable automatic updates or check for updates regularly in your WordPress dashboard.

2. Are free themes and plugins safe to use?

While there are reputable free themes and plugins available, it’s important to exercise caution when downloading from unfamiliar sources. Stick to trusted developers with a good track record of providing updates and addressing security concerns promptly. This reduces the risk of downloading themes or plugins that may contain malicious code.

3. What is the importance of using strong passwords?

Strong passwords significantly enhance website security. Avoid common passwords and use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. By utilising complex passwords and storing them securely, you can protect your WordPress accounts from unauthorised access. This is one effective way of securing a website made in WordPress.

4. How can I limit login attempts to my WordPress website?

To protect against brute-force attacks, it is recommended to install a security plugin that allows you to limit the number of login attempts. These plugins can also lock out suspicious IP addresses and provide additional security measures like two-factor authentication.

5. Why is an SSL certificate necessary for a WordPress website?

Implementing an SSL certificate encrypts the communication between your website and its visitors, ensuring the secure transmission of sensitive information. If your website collects user data, processes payments, or requires logins, an SSL certificate is crucial to protect the privacy and security of your users’ information.

The Power Of AI In Google Shopping: 5 Ways To Increase Your Revenue And Grow Your Business

The Power Of AI In Google Shopping: 5 Ways To Increase Your Revenue And Grow Your Business

In today’s digital landscape, e-commerce has become a significant driver of business growth. As more consumers turn to online shopping, businesses must find innovative ways to attract customers and increase their revenue. One such powerful tool that can help achieve these goals is Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

In this article, we will explore the impact of AI in Google Shopping and discuss five effective strategies to boost your revenue and grow your business. If you’re looking for a reputed AI and SEO services company in Sydney, consider partnering with Zeal Digital for expert guidance.

1. Enhanced Product Recommendations

AI algorithms in Google Shopping have the capability to analyse vast amounts of data, including user behaviour, preferences, and purchase history. By leveraging this data, businesses can provide highly-personalised and relevant product recommendations to their customers. 

This not only enhances the shopping experience but also increases the likelihood of conversion. Implementing AI-powered recommendation systems can significantly improve your revenue by increasing cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

2. Optimised Product Data

Accurate and comprehensive product data is crucial for success in Google Shopping. AI algorithms can analyse product attributes and optimise them for better visibility and searchability. 

By utilising AI in Google Shopping, businesses can automate the process of product data optimisation, ensuring that their offerings are well-structured, correctly labeled, and aligned with search queries. This optimisation improves the chances of appearing in relevant search results, ultimately leading to increased traffic and conversions.

3. Dynamic Pricing

Pricing plays a critical role in the decision-making process of online shoppers. AI-powered pricing solutions can analyse market trends, competitor pricing, and customer behaviour to determine the optimal pricing strategy for each product. 

By dynamically adjusting prices based on real-time data, businesses can maximise their revenue and maintain a competitive edge. AI in Google Shopping empowers businesses to set prices that are not only attractive to customers but also yield a healthy profit margin.

4. Smart Ad Campaigns

AI has revolutionised the way businesses run their advertising campaigns, and Google Shopping is no exception. AI algorithms can analyse vast amounts of data to identify the most effective keywords, ad placements, and targeting options. 

By leveraging AI-powered ad campaigns, businesses can optimise their marketing spend, ensure maximum reach, and drive relevant traffic to their product listings. This targeted approach enhances the chances of converting clicks into sales, ultimately boosting revenue.

5. Inventory Management And Forecasting

Effective inventory management is essential to ensure seamless order fulfillment and customer satisfaction. AI in Google Shopping can analyse historical sales data, seasonal trends, and market demand to accurately forecast inventory requirements. 

By leveraging AI-driven inventory management systems, businesses can optimise their stock levels, minimise the risk of stockouts or overstocking, and improve overall operational efficiency. This ensures that businesses can meet customer demands promptly, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.


The power of AI in Google Shopping cannot be underestimated when it comes to driving revenue growth and expanding your business. From personalised recommendations to optimised product data, dynamic pricing, smart ad campaigns, and efficient inventory management, AI offers a multitude of benefits for businesses operating in the e-commerce space. 

If you’re looking to harness the potential of AI and improve your Google Shopping performance, consider partnering with Zeal Digital, a highly-respected SEO services company in Sydney. Zeal Digital’s expertise in AI and SEO can help you implement effective strategies tailored to your business needs and achieve tangible results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How can AI be leveraged to improve Google Shopping campaigns?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) can enhance Google Shopping campaigns in various ways. It can optimise bidding strategies, automate product feed optimisation, personalise ad content, identify trends and insights from data, and improve targeting to reach the most relevant audience.

Q2: What are the potential revenue benefits of using AI in Google Shopping?

AI-powered optimisations can lead to increased revenue by enhancing the performance of Google Shopping ads. Improved bidding strategies and ad personalisation can drive higher click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and ultimately generate more sales for your business.

Q3: Are there any specific AI tools or platforms for Google Shopping?

Yes, several AI tools and platforms offer features designed specifically for Google Shopping. Examples include automated bidding platforms, product feed optimisation tools, and audience targeting solutions. Research and evaluate different options to find the tools that best suit your business needs.

Q4: How does AI help in identifying and adapting to changing market trends?

AI algorithms can analyse large volumes of data and detect patterns, allowing businesses to identify emerging market trends and consumer behaviour shifts. This knowledge enables timely adjustments to product offerings, pricing, and marketing strategies, helping businesses stay competitive and adapt to market dynamics.

Q5: Are there any potential challenges or limitations when using AI in Google Shopping?

While AI offers significant benefits, it is essential to consider potential challenges. Some limitations include the need for high-quality and accurate data for effective AI-driven decisions, the requirement for ongoing monitoring and optimisation of AI algorithms, and the need for proper understanding and expertise to interpret AI-generated insights.

Maximising YouTube Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide To Analysing Your Data

Maximising YouTube Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide To Analysing Your Data

YouTube analytics is a powerful tool for content creators to measure the performance of their YouTube channel. With YouTube analytics, you can track key metrics such as total watch time, watch time per video, audience retention, traffic sources, subscribers, and engagement metrics. By understanding how these metrics are performing, you can make informed decisions on how to optimise and grow your channel.

Setting Up YouTube Analytics

Before you can use YouTube Analytics, you need to set it up. To do this, log into your YouTube account and click on the “Analytics” tab. From here, you can select the “Overview” page, which will allow you to view the performance of your channel, as well as individual videos. Once you’ve set up YouTube Analytics, you’ll be able to access data such as watch time, audience retention, and engagement metrics.

Analyse YouTube Performance

The Overview page displays a variety of metrics related to your channel’s performance. This includes the number of views, watch time, and subscribers. You can also see the average watch time and engagement rate. Additionally, the Overview page allows you to compare the performance of your videos over time.

Analyse Watch Time & Audience Retention

The Watch Time & Audience Retention report shows how long your viewers are watching your videos, as well as how many of them are staying until the end. This data can be used to identify which parts of your video are most engaging and which parts may be causing viewers to stop watching. You can also use this data to identify any trends in viewer behaviour.

Analyse Engagement Metrics

The Engagement Metrics report provides data on likes, dislikes, comments, and shares. This data can be used to measure the level of engagement with your videos and to identify which videos are resonating most with your audience. Additionally, this data can be used to identify any potential issues or areas for improvement.

Analyse Traffic Sources

YouTube Analytics is a great tool for understanding how viewers are finding your content. By analysing your traffic sources, you can identify which channels are driving the most views and engagement to your videos. This data can be used to inform your marketing strategy. For example, you may want to focus more on social media marketing in Sydney if it is driving the most views for your videos.

Analyse Subscribers

YouTube Analytics can also be used to analyse your subscriber numbers. This data can be used to determine how effective your marketing efforts are. It can also help you understand which videos are resonating with your audience and which videos are not. By understanding what content is working, you can adjust your strategy and create more effective videos.

For more help with your YouTube channel, why not try a social media marketing sydney service? At Zeal Digital, we can provide you with advice and support to help you reach your channel goals.


YouTube Analytics is a powerful tool for content creators to measure the performance of their YouTube channel. Understanding the data provided by YouTube Analytics can help you to make informed decisions on how to optimise your content and grow your channel. You can contact Zeal Digital for any help in boosting your YouTube channel and videos.

LinkedIn Introduces SEO Tools For Articles

LinkedIn Introduces SEO Tools For Articles

LinkedIn has been a useful platform for all kinds of business houses for quite some time. Recently, it has introduced SEO tools for articles to raise their value even further. You have the option to customise the SEO titles and descriptions of your LinkedIn articles. So if someone wants to find your articles, they can do so comfortably by using certain keywords. There are some key conclusions that you can draw about these changes with the help of a reputed social media management firm in Sydney like Zeal Digital. Let’s take a look at it here: 

Improved SEO 

The obvious reason why these tools have been brought up is to improve SEO for websites on the platform. You can now change the SEO titles and descriptions of your LinkedIn articles. When you click on any of your articles, you will get a Publishing menu in it. You then need to click on Settings and there will be a box where you can change both the titles and descriptions. So if you need the specific keywords to be changed, you can use this box and bring the necessary changes. 

Central Location For Analytics & Creation Tools 

It means that you can create as well as analyse your content through these SEO tools on LinkedIn. This carries significant importance. In case you need to create content, you can analyse what you could have done differently in the previous article. To access this new feature, turn on creator mode and select “Analytics & tools” at the top of your profile via mobile or desktop. Once you have created the content, you can measure and see how people are perceiving it. 

Putting Your Best Work 

You can place the content as you wish while using these SEO tools. It does not matter if you need to use pictures, videos or just text, you can do so comfortably on LinkedIn with these SEO tools. Apart from that, you can rank this content as per your wishes as well. In case you need to put pictures first, you can do so. You just need to see the order in which you would like to create the content. The rest of the job will be done by these SEO tools. If you have an experienced social media management firm like Zeal Digital by your side, you will have a better understanding of how to put your best work. This update will be made available within a couple of weeks. Once it’s there, you have full freedom to choose which content to display first. 

Boost Reach & Discovery 

The new SEO tools on LinkedIn will allow scheduled newsletters and articles. This is a significant change as you can plan your content well in advance. You can post it at peak hours and fetch the maximum audience. Schedule it in advance and it will be delivered automatically as and when you desire. 

Contacting an excellent social media management company in Sydney will be a good move to understand these SEO tools better. They are going to change the dynamics of LinkedIn & how it works! 

10 Great Link-Building Tools That Are Essential To Your Success

10 Great Link-Building Tools That Are Essential To Your Success

For the growth of your website, link-building is an important aspect to work on. This is a great way to boost the authority of your pages on search engines. When other websites link to pages on your website, more traffic will be brought to it. We will discuss 10 of the best link-building tools that can help your website. Let’s get into the list right away: 


This is one of the best link-building tools available out there. There are two packages available on this platform. One is the lite package which comes with a price tag of $49.99 per month. Another one is the pro version is available at $99.99 per month. You can make the payment monthly or annually. 


It might be one of the costliest link-building tools. The prospecting sites list builder and SEO metrics are combined with the opportunities report here. The quality of the results is going to be great on this platform. But to use it, you will be required to pay $500+ per month. 

If you want to use a tool that starts free of cost initially, this one is meant for you. An SEO company is going to recommend this to you too, especially when you don’t want to spend too much on a link-building tool. It is free for 25 monthly searches while it is $399 per month for 30,000 searches. 


This tool is generally used in the journalism world. But when you need a link-building tool, this still works out well. It connects you with credible sources and allows you to build natural backlinks. You can pay $149 per month to use the premium version and make the most out of this platform. 


If you need a customisable link-building tool, Cyfe is perfectly suited for you. It can collect data from various trusted sources and provide you with a meaningful report. One user can use it for $19 per month while unlimited users need to pay $89 per month. 


The lite plan is available for $99 here while the standard plan can be used for $199. It provides you with several reports that are available within the link-building tool itself. 


Another tool that might be recommended to you by an SEO company in Sydney is BuzzSumo. This is an excellent link-building tool for building lists of blogs, influencers, and authors.  This is also available in two packages. The pro package comes at $99 per month while the plus package comes at $179. 


The price of this link-building tool is not fixed, as it will be somewhere between $29-$79 per month, depending on package size. It is best for submitting and managing citations. 

Agency Analysis 

This particular link-building tool collects data from Moz and Majestic. This data is further connected to critical performance metrics, like ranking and organic traffic. If you want to save money on it, you can pay annually here. 

Link Builder 

If you need an internal link-building tool, Link Builder could be your best option. It is backed by AI technology too, offering automatic link suggestions as content is produced. You have to pay $77 per month for one site here; it can go above that for multiple websites. 
These are the various tools that you can use for link-building. Select the best SEO company in Sydney in your area to understand which tool will work best for you!

Google Search Console Adds Shopping Tab Listings Feature

Google Search Console Adds Shopping Tab Listings Feature

If you want to make your digital marketing strategy more efficient, Google Search Console can be really helpful. To start with it is a free service provided by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results. To cut things short and simple, it is a service that’s going to provide you with an analysis of how Google sees your website. The platform provides you with plenty of scope to understand the dynamics of Google. The Google Search Console Shopping tab listing feature is one of its latest additions. 

What’s this feature all about? How can SEO experts in Sydney help you in using Google Search Console better with the help of this feature? We will get into its details here below: 

Collecting Detailed Information 

The best part about using the Google Search Console tab listing feature is that it will provide detailed information. It will let you know more about your product snippets, merchant listings and shopping tab listings in Google Search. Since you get a detailed analysis here, you will be in a better position to work on your wrongdoings too. Suppose if you’re missing out on essential product snippets, you can add more description to them. So, it will help you analyse your content in a detailed manner. 

Rolling Out Gradually 

The Google Search Console tab listing feature won’t be rolled out all at once. It will be rolled out gradually with time, as and when the situation demands it. So if you think that you will be using this feature straight away, that’s not possible. The developers have confirmed that the users will have to wait for some time before benefiting from this platform. 


The next thing to understand about the Google Search Console tab listing feature is how to access it. It may be confusing to understand the dynamics if you haven’t hired an SEO expert for the job. To get the needed access, you can use the link “”. As long as you’re an eligible merchant, you can use this feature with the help of this link. 

More About It 

The scope of the Google Search Console tab listing feature is quite enormous. With this feature’s help, merchants can easily create a Merchant Center account using a simplified assisted sign-up process. You won’t have to re-verify your ownership on the website to do so, either. So you won’t have to submit a product feed anymore. All you have to do is an update