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Factors To Consider When Choosing Lifting Slings

Factors To Consider When Choosing Lifting Slings

Lifting objects is essential in many sectors, and it is not easy as it looks. It has a wide range of options available in the market ranging from wire rope slings to chain slings. Choosing the proper lifting sling is essential to ensure workers’ and workplace safety. Choosing poor lifting slings can throw the operation out of balance, taking many lives. Knowing the information and guidance is essential to execute a lift safely. As each sling has different applications, finding a suitable sling for your purpose is challenging. For instance, chain slings are used in harsh conditions, whereas you can use polyester round slings in lightweight operations. Here are a few factors to consider when you buy a lifting sling:


The essential factor to consider is the load you will lift. The sling you choose must have the appropriate workload limit. Refer to the correct workload limit chart to know the limit. Consider the load you lift before you select a lifting sling.


The headroom is the distance between the crane’s hook and the load being lifted. If the space is minimum, use short slings and double-part grommets. You can also use lifting beams that are attached to the crane. It provides multiple lifting points.

Frequency of use

The lifespan of a lifting sling depends on how frequently you use it and how you use it. Chain slings have a longer life than polyester round slings or wire rope slings. They must be regularly maintained and used correctly. Considering how often you use the sling is essential to make it long wear. Regardless of the durability or cost, the sling can lift the object.

Type of load

Protecting the loading equipment is as important as preserving the load you lift. Chain slings are best for harsh environments, whereas round slings are better for more grip. For lightweight loading objects, you can use polyester round slings. If you want to avoid load from damage, synthetic slings are a good option as they can load heavy objects without rigidity.

Methods of slinging

Based on the method of slinging, different slings are chosen. You can use wire ropes or chain slings if you want the slings to shackle to lifting points. Wire rope or synthetic slings are more efficient if chocking of the load is required. In case of harsh conditions, application, and shortening of slings, grade T chain slings are the best option.

Environmental condition

Different slings are being designed to operate in other conditions. Chain slings are the most durable and long-lasting, whereas polyester round slings are lightweight and not resistant to wear and tear. They should have a steel core if you want to use wire rope slings near heat. In the case of a highly corrosive environment, you can use chain slings or wire ropes as they can resist corrosion. Each type of sling differs based on its durability and its use.

To sum up

Lifting slings are efficient in lifting an object, and it has a wide range of applications in different sectors. If you want to buy a lifting sling, consider the load you want to lift and the frequency of use. Each sling is used based on environmental conditions. Follow the guidance and the information to execute the lift properly.