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Bought A New Squat Stand? Learn These New Ways To Use This Gadget To Its Fullest!

Bought A New Squat Stand? Learn These New Ways To Use This Gadget To Its Fullest!

If you are unsure of how to use a squat stand effectively and, more importantly, securely. This is the guide for you. A squat stand (also known as a power rack) may be a daunting piece of gym equipment for a beginning lifter. While it may appear frightening at first, this fantastic piece of equipment has the ability to revolutionise your life. Not just your squat life, either. The reality is that once you understand what a power rack is and how to use it properly, it soon becomes one of the most critical pieces of equipment in your exercise. In this article, we’ll start with the fundamentals of using a squat stand appropriately for squats. In addition, we’ll provide you with some pointers on how to progress and improve your squat. 

Why do you need a squat stand?

The primary function of a squat stand is to help you increase your squats by adding weight increments. As a result, you will be able to lift weights that you would not be able to do otherwise. Finally, the power rack is essential to the serious weightlifter. Despite this, when many lifters begin lifting, they are not taught how to use it to its maximum capacity.

Taking a Position

Set the empty bar to the necessary height to get into position. Before you proceed, make sure to test the bar height. By gripping the bar at arm’s length, you’ll know the height is proper. Your arms should be about parallel to the floor from here. From there, tighten your hold on the bar with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Maintain a firm grasp on the bar and dip beneath it, taking care to keep your head in a centred position. This is critical! If you are not in the centre of the bar, the balance will be off, and you may damage yourself as a result. Finally, the bar should rest on your upper back and shoulders, not your neck.

Taking the bar from the squat stand

Take a deep breath and clench your core muscles before lifting the bar off the squat stand. Prepare for the weight you’re going to lift by bracing yourself. This aids in the protection of your back. Keep your shoulder blades securely pressed together and dragged down towards your buttocks.  You are now ready to stand up and remove the weight from the squat stand, with your core braced, the barbell positioned on your back, and your grasp tight.

Creating a stable foot position

When you’re in a secure posture with your weight on your back, move one foot (either one, it doesn’t matter) back in a straight line, then the other. We move our feet back to avoid rocking the bar side to side during the set-up. The weight is now a safe distance away from the squat stand, which ensures it will not collide with it when you squat. You may now take a squat posture by adjusting your foot position on both sides. Maintain your weight via the centre of your feet, and maintain your back straight. You are now ready to sit back into your squat from this posture.

Pride Of Boxing Memorabilia In Australia

Pride Of Boxing Memorabilia In Australia

Straight from ancient times, sports and games have been playing significant roles worldwide. A form of pastime in the initial stages, games have started crawling into every space of human beings. Thanks to great technological advances, the domain of sports have been highly competitive and rewarding for various reasons. For example, great sports events like the Olympics have set an example to the international community besides inspiring numerous sports personalities and fans alike.

Boxing is nothing but a combat sport or a kind of fisticuffs in which two people with safety gear and protective equipment blow punch at each other. The winner will be decided based on the number of rounds and scorecards by judges. Besides, the game of boxing has transformed into many dimensions. As one great example, amateur boxing has already been part of the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. More to the point, boxing memorabilia in Australia is nothing but a way of recognising the sporting talents by means of photographs of the players and their game-used dresses.

  • Big Personalities In Boxing:

True, boxing memorabilia has been crucial for the players to connect with their audience in the best way possible. On the other side,  games have almost become a real game-changer in one’s life and career. The following are some of the factors contributing to the growth and success of any game like boxing:

  1. Growing attachment between fans and sports players
  2. Both games & players as sources of inspiration
  3. Fans’ great attitude to the sport events
  4. Provision of facilities to improve the sports skills
  5. Widespread international support to the domain of games
  6. An abundance of sports sponsors
  7. Above all, the media exposure and technological advances like the Internet

Having discussed all these important pointers, it is to be noted that sports events have indeed cemented relationships between countries regardless of barriers and conflicts. As an example, a particular player from a particular country may have a huge fan following across the world not necessarily from his/her own country. Such has been the trend. Such has been the power of games so far. Speaking of the boxing game, there have been so many interesting examples. A professional boxer from the US, Muhammad Ali has been hailed as one of the 20th century most celebrated sporting persons.

  • The Much Sought-After Boxing Memorabilia:

In Australia, the trend of boxing memorabilia has always been something worthy of emulation by others. As a form of remembering and recognising something or someone great, the so-called collectibles have been making waves across the board. Well said & way to go indeed!

In a naturally beautiful country like Australia, there have been exclusive stores and shops to cater to the various boxing memorabilia and boxing collectibles. Take the so-called sports framing factory for example. Many boxing memorabilia shops are in general offering the following:

  1. Signed gloves & apparels
  2. Signed photographs
  3. Signed championship belts

These are all some of the framed boxing memorabilia suitable as your boxing collectibles forever. As a step forward, many such memorabilia shops have some more extra options like the provision of custom designs and 3D images. 

  • The Ultimate Boxing Collectibles In Australia:

As a sports lover, if you want to add some extra energy to your career, you can go for such aesthetically framed boxing collectibles available across those exclusive sports memorabilia shops.

You can easily trust those collectibles for many reasons. The undisputed fact is that most shops have been collecting and maintaining genuine memorabilia as they have a direct rapport with those sporting personalities themselves.