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Child and Pet Safety: Choosing and Installing Safe Blinds

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Blinds suppliers, Roller Shutters | 0 comments

Blinds are an essential component of home decor, providing privacy and light control. However, they can pose significant risks to the most vulnerable members of our households – children and pets. 

Understanding the Risks

The primary concern with traditional blinds in Cremorne is the cords used for operation. These can create a strangulation hazard for young children and pets who might become entangled in them. According to reports from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), corded window coverings are one of the top five hidden hazards.

Choosing Safe Blinds

When selecting blinds in Cremorne with safety in mind, consider the following options:

  1. Cordless Blinds: These blinds eliminate the risk of cord entanglement. They are operated by pushing or pulling the bottom rail or via a remote control, making them an ideal choice for homes with young children and pets.
  2. Motorised Blinds: These offer the highest level of safety and convenience. Operated via a remote control, motorised blinds remove the need for cords entirely.
  3. Retractable Cord Mechanism: If cordless options are not feasible, opt for blinds with retractable cords that remain at a constant length and retract into the headrail.
  4. Wand Control: Vertical blinds with a wand control can be a safer alternative to cords.

Essential Safety Features

When shopping for blinds in Cremorne, look for the following safety features:

  1. Inner Cord Stops: These are designed to prevent the inner cords from being pulled out and forming a loop in which a child could become entangled.
  2. Cord Cleats: For blinds with cords, installing cord cleats (hooks to wrap the cords around) high up on the wall can keep them out of reach of children and pets.
  3. Breakaway Tassels: These are designed to break apart under pressure, reducing the risk of strangulation.

Installation Tips for Safety

Proper installation is crucial to ensure the safety of blinds:

  1. Follow Manufacturer Instructions: Always install blinds according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure they function as intended
  2. Secure Mounting: Ensure that the blinds are securely mounted to the window frame or wall to prevent them from being pulled down by a child or pet.
  3. Check for Loose Cords: Regularly inspect the blinds for any loose cords or potential hazards, especially after installation.
  4. Position Furniture Wisely: Keep cribs, beds, and furniture away from windows with blinds to prevent children from reaching the cords.

Regulatory Standards and Certifications

Look for blinds that meet current safety standards set by organisations like the CPSC and the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA). Products certified under these standards have undergone rigorous testing for safety compliance.

Educating on Blind Safety

Education is a critical component of blind safety. Inform everyone in the household, including babysitters and visiting relatives, about the proper operation of blinds and the importance of keeping cords out of reach.

Alternatives to Traditional Blinds

Consider alternatives such as:

  • Cordless Cellular Shades: These provide insulation and are available in cordless versions.
  • Shutters: They are a sturdy and stylish option without cords
  • Cordless Roller Shades: Simple and effective, these shades offer safety and ease of use.

Regular Maintenance and Upgrades

Regularly check blinds for wear and tear. If you have older blinds, consider upgrading to newer, safer models. Many manufacturers offer retrofit kits to update older models with safer mechanisms.


Choosing and installing safe blinds is essential in creating a secure environment for children and pets. By opting for cordless or motorised options, using secure mounting techniques, and staying informed about safety standards, you can significantly reduce the risks associated with window blinds. Remember, the safety of your blinds is not just about their design but also about how they are used and maintained. As we continue prioritising safety in our homes, the blinds industry will likely evolve, bringing forward even safer and more innovative solutions for window treatments.

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