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Creating Low-budget Designer Kitchens – Your Guide To Economical Kitchen Renovations In Botany

by | Aug 3, 2020 | kitchen, Kitchen Equipment, Kitchen Renovation | 0 comments

Homeowners don’t need to overspend to create designer kitchens. Here are some low-cost kitchen renovations in Botany that can transform your kitchen space. 

Dreaming of a designer kitchen but worried about the expenses? You’re not alone. Many homeowners want to create lavish-looking kitchen spaces but avoid investing any time into their plans just because they are concerned about overpaying. Thankfully, modern-day kitchen renovations in Botany are extremely cost-effective.

Top kitchen renovation specialists help homeowners make strategic purchase decisions. These decisions enable homeowners to save money while bringing their dream kitchens to life. Here’s how homeowners can create designer kitchens while not spending too much – 

Replace Cabinet Doors, Not the Cabinets 

Most homeowners who get kitchen renovations in Botany want their kitchen cabinets to look classy and flashy. Even if their cabinets work just fine, they want them to be replaced every few years. Instead of buying new cabinets, why not replace old and worn-out cabinet doors with new ones?

Even better, kitchen renovation specialists can sand or refinish old kitchen cabinets to make them look new and sleek. Many homeowners have also installed glass doors on their cabinets to make their kitchen spaces feel clean and open. Creating custom open shelves is another way to avoid overspending on cabinets. 

Invest in Lighting

The right lighting arrangements can completely transform how a kitchen looks and feels. Homeowners who can’t afford chandeliers or pendants should opt for more energy-efficient LED lights. These lights can brighten up old kitchen spaces and change the mood inside from dull to bright! Homeowners must make sure that their providers of kitchen renovations in Botany offer light installation services. 

Install Artwork

Why should only the kitchens inside expensive condominiums have artwork? Technically, artwork can elevate the appeal of any kitchen. The bigger the artwork, the more impact it will create on visitors. Installing large mirrors is also a cost-effective way of making kitchen spaces look bigger and classier. 

Pro Tip – Ask your providers of kitchen renovations in Botany to install art pieces inside kitchens away from the cooking section. The fumes may damage the artwork. 

Use Stainless Steel Finishes 

Most designer kitchens have stainless steel appliances, cabinet handles, etc. If your appliances or cabinet handles aren’t made of stainless steel, you can use low-cost paint-on stainless steel finishes to update them. These finishes boost the life expectancy of appliances and make kitchen spaces feel less dated. 

Use Light Colours 

Designer kitchens have a specific look. They are minimalistic and usually feature lighter colours. That’s because lighter colours, walls and cabinets instantly brighten up kitchen spaces. These colours make kitchens look bigger, classier, and more expensive. However, with light colours comes great responsibility.

Walls painted with lighter colours are known to pick up scratches, dings and dents. So, homeowners must be prepared to clean their kitchen walls on a daily basis. That’s why they should use acrylic paints, as they’re easier to clean. Using satin or semi-gloss paint finishes is also recommended by experts. Contrary to popular belief, not all kitchen renovations in Botany are super expensive. With careful planning and smart shopping, homeowners can reduce their renovation budgets by 50% and still create designer kitchens!

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