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Different Types Of Cardboard Packaging

by | Aug 29, 2021 | Packaging Products | 0 comments

In this day and age, people tend to buy things online. No matter if it is a small thing or some big furniture, they tend to look for it through some e-commerce website as it saves their time and efforts as well. The need for better packaging has become even more. Cardboard packaging can really help the cause for most of the business today. They can look for cardboard boxes wholesale so that enough material is available with them in order to be supplied. It wouldn’t be hard to find quality services regarding the supply of the boxes here in Sydney. 

Here are some of the types of cardboard packaging that might really help you to provide safe packages:- 

  1. Single-Face Cardboard :

These are the most commonly used types of boxes. If you want to separate your items, this type of packaging will be really useful. They are mostly used in order to pack fruits such as apples or mangoes. It can be used for such material as well which needs to be separated at all costs. 

  1. Single-Wall Board :

This is preferred by business houses since it is easy to put up with it. The cost of a Single-Wall Board is economic as well. It comes with one layer of fluting around the two flat walls. This is a material used heavily in the case of cardboard boxes. It is quite strong even with just a single layer of fluting. 

  1. Double-Wall Board :

As the name suggests, it will have an extra layer of fluting added to it. If you want to supply something heavy, you cannot rely on a single-wall board. This is why this type of cardboard boxes are used as the need is felt really badly. This is just going to make the board stronger. It cannot just be used for heavy materials but also for sensitive items. If you are trying to supply something that can be easily broken, you need to add as many protective layers to it as they are possible.

  1. Paperboard :

This is a thin layer of cardboard packaging. In most cases, these are used for toilet papers or cereal boxes.  There are items which are very light in nature. So to use some heavy boxes is going to be a waste of resources purely. You have better decisions to make if you want to run your operations effectively. If you are shipping or supplying light materials as well, paperboard will prove to be a great help. It can be used quickly and it has its cost benefits as well. 

  1. Matboard :

If pictures or artwork need to be supplied, mat boards would be a fantastic help to the people. Photographs and artwork can be easily damaged. It is important to keep them flat and safe so that there’s no damage to it during the process of delivering. Matboard can be really useful and most apt in such cases. 

These are the types of cardboard packaging which are easily available in Sydney. Different kinds of products will require different types of cardboard boxes, each to their own!

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