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Different Types Of Flatbed Trailers

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Trailer Manufacturer | 0 comments

Do you deal in a business that requires you to transport goods frequently? You can get in touch with a flatbed trailer manufacturer and buy or rent the trailer. Flatbed trailers are significantly essential in the shipping industry. If your business requires you to transport equipment or merchandise from one place to another, these trailers are your best bet to get things done securely. When you contact a flatbed trailer manufacturer, you need to keep a particular type of flatbed trailer in your mind that suits your needs. Let’s take a look at different types of such trailers here below: 

Standard Flatbed Trailers 

As the name suggests, these are a standard form of trailers produced by flatbed trailer manufacturers around. These are also the most commonly used flatbed trailers. This option looks like a box as there are no doors, sides, or roof. In case you’re working on a construction site or need to transport construction material machinery and steel products, you should go for standard flatbed trailers. 

Double-Drop Flatbed Trailers 

Do you need to carry taller cargo from one place to another? A normal flatbed trailer won’t be able to fill the job. This is where you can go for a double-drop flatbed trailer. Since it can create a well, you can comfortably transport taller cargo here. It also has a centre portion similar to a single drop that drops lower than both ends. When we talk about the ground clearance of these trailers, it is lower when compared with a standard trailer. You also have to note that not all flatbed trailer manufacturers can provide you with this type of trailer. So you have to do your research work nicely before finding a particular firm that can supply this vehicle to you. 

Walking-Floor Trailers 

These are quite useful flatbed trailers in the market. You can unload cargo quickly here, all it requires from you is to unload cargo by sliding the floor backwards toward the rear of the truck. So if you need to ship loose cargo, you can order this option from a flatbed trailer manufacturer in your area. 

Drop Deck Flatbed Trailers 

These trailers are also known as step-back or single-drop trailers. When you need to transport over-height freight, you can ask for this item from the flatbed trailer manufacturer that you hire. You will get 2 feet of extra overhead clearance when you use these trailers. It’s a great option when you need to transport a car safely and securely. 


When you need to transport very sensitive items, you have to contact the flatbed trailer manufacturer to provide the safest option possible. With the help of tipping hydraulic systems, freights can be easily shipped on flatbeds. Since it allows slow and controlled unloading, the chances of damage are going to be minimal. If you want to lower the loads that are the back for the dismount, that’s very much possible with the help of tippers. 

Which one of these options impresses you the most? Based on your choices, you can contact the flatbed trailer manufacturer to supply the flatbed trailer. It should be able to serve the purpose that you have set out for the trailer!

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