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Essential Recommendations Before Installing Your Air Conditioner

by | Oct 7, 2022 | Air Conditioning | 0 comments

It can be a hard task to consider, not only economically, but also considering that you install a new air conditioning system that is ideal for your property on the North Shore. If you’ve decided on a new air conditioning system for your house, scheduling expert air conditioning installation is the only greatest approach to ensure you get the most out of the new appliance. Air conditioning installation in North Shore is typically left to a professional expert HVAC specialist whether you’ve purchased a central air system, mini-split ductless system, or heat pump system for speed, convenience, safety, and efficiency.

What can you anticipate as a resident when you book an air conditioning installation service?

This article simplifies the procedure into four simple phases that a team of air conditioning professionals will follow to ensure that your home’s cooling efficiency is maintained for many years to come.

Evaluation and Disposal of Your Previous System

The old air conditioner must be uninstalled before the next one can be installed, especially if it is a similar type. During this time, your air conditioning technician will take precautions to safeguard the surrounding environment and clean up any debris. In most circumstances, your installation will also dispose of your old air conditioner. Immediately after removal, your air conditioning contractor will conduct a thorough examination of your home’s current cooling infrastructure for air duct leaks or other concerns that could impair the function of your new system. If any repairs are required, you will be contacted before they are carried out.

New Air Conditioning System Installation

After your old system has been uninstalled, your latest air conditioner will be installed. Based on your old and new air conditioners and if the hookups are very equivalent, this operation may necessitate new piping or electrical and ductwork connections. All electrical connections will be examined throughout this process, and refrigerant will be injected to the system in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The new air conditioner will be inspected to ensure that it functions properly, and you will be able to use it as soon as your technician is through.

Thermostat Installation or Inspection

A new thermostat is included with most new air conditioning systems. The installer will install the new thermostat at the first appointment if you request it. If you prefer to keep your existing thermostat, the installation will merely ensure that the connectivity between your thermostat and your new air conditioner is appropriate.

If you decide to install a fully independent thermostat system, your air conditioning contractor will be able to do so if you have your new thermostat on hand; or else, you can arrange a future service appointment for a new thermostat installation. Before leaving, your technician will ensure that you understand how to use any new thermostat that is fitted and will provide you with the thermostat’s guidelines.

Recommendations for Maintenance and Final Check

After the air conditioning installation is completed, your North Shore specialist will do a final inspection. He’ll also go over any basic maintenance activities you might be able to do on your own, as well as how frequently these tasks should be conducted. You can also decide to book your first AC maintenance service now or later. Before your setup is finished, your HVAC technician will inform you of how frequently professional care is required and will answer any other questions you may have.


You may rely on your nearest specialists for an examination of your existing AC system, a free replacement quotation, or even a second opinion on AC installation. Professional air conditioning installation from North Shore specialists is the best method to ensure your new HVAC system performs optimally.

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