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Everything You Need To Know About Conveyancing in Emu Plains

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Real Estate | 0 comments

Most people don’t know what conveyancing means. If you are thinking about purchasing a property, you need to know about Conveyancing in Emu Plains. Conveyancing is a simple legal term that is concerned with transferring ownership of the property. The main task of a conveyancer is to ensure that the title is transferred from the seller to the purchase with maximum ease. 

Since lots of processes and legalities are involved in the property purchase process, getting in touch with Conveyancing Emu Plains will enable you to get the needed legal advice about the property purchase.

What are the major functions of a conveyancer?

Following are the major services provided by people who provide Conveyancing Emu Plains. 

Agree on a deal

Once the seller sells their property, they need to put it on the market. The traditional method of doing this is to list it with a high street estate agent. But other online estate agents are rising in popularity so sellers may want to think about what’s good for them. 

Buyers should be aware about estate agents on the property. Sometimes estate agents can also be the buyer if they have appointed a conveyancing solicitor. 

Delays due to mortgage applications and conveyancing can be instructed can lead to an opportunity for other potential purchasers to gazump and for the seller to get cold-feet and they may think about re-listing the property on the market.

Due diligence

After the offer has been accepted by the purchaser, the real estate agent will send the details of the deal to both parties to the solicitor for Conveyancing Emu Plains. 

Exchange of agreement

Once the due diligence is completed by the solicitor for conveyancing Emu plains, and the agreement has been considered by both the parties, they may get ready to exchange the agreement and then, they may sign the contract document. In this case, both parties need to sign the contract and then return it to their conveyancing Emu Plains. 

At this stage, the buyer also needs to sign the contract and return it to their conveyancing solicitor. The buyer should also get their deposits ready. Once both these parties agree on everything, the solicitor will go ahead and then they can exchange their contract. 


Before completion of the contract, the seller and the buyer will prepare a completion statement that can deal with the transfer of funds after the contract has been completed. After the completion, the buyer will transfer the funds to the account of the seller. 

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