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Everything You Need To Know About Metal Fabrication In Sydney.

by | Mar 9, 2021 | aluminium and steel, STEEL FABRICATORS | 0 comments

Metal fabrication is all around us! From the cutlery, we use the jewellery we wear.  It is the term used to describe any process that involves bending, cutting, shaping, or moulding metal material into the final product. Basically, metal fabrication in Sydney is the course of building metal structures with the help of three processes, namely cutting, assembling, and bending. 

Importance of Metal Fabrication. 

Metal alloys and metals are fabricated for use in nearly every industry. It has played a significant role in the advancement of technology, agriculture, transportation, and construction. The services of a reputed fabrication business are hired for the process of metal preparation, welding as well as assembly.

  • Through the process of metal fabrication, different structures and machines can be built from raw materials. This includes heavy equipment, machinery, hand railings, and so on.
  • Even something as insignificant as springs and wires is created through the process of metal fabrication in Sydney. 
  • Items used by us in our daily lives such as cutlery, forks, bolts, and nuts, are formulated through this process.
  • The smallest metal components for electronics and large metal components for ships, railways, and aircraft are made using this process. 

Types of metal fabrication in Sydney.

Metal fabrication has three basic categories- commercial, structural, and industrial.

  • Structural fabrication is the process of manufacturing building and bridging components.
  • Commercial fabrication is the term given to products that are bought by consumers every day. This includes the majority of fabricated metal items.
  • Industrial fabrication is used in the production of support and manufacturing equipment.

What are the different metals used in fabrication?

The process of metal fabrication in Sydney makes use of different products. The materials used are broadly divided into two categories-ferrous and non-ferrous. 

Belonging to the first category, we have mild steel and iron alloys. The second category has all other materials that are used. This includes aluminium, copper, and brass. 

  • Aluminium, which is a highly durable and versatile metal, is used for doors, windows, garden sheds, etc.
  • Stainless steel is usually used for making kitchen and bathroom fixtures and mild steel is used for fabricating architectural and ornamental components. 
  • Silver, platinum and gold are used in metal fabrication projects as well, usually in the jewellery industry. 

The different methods and stages of metal fabrication.

Some of the methods of metal fabrication in Sydney include brazing, shearing, extrusion, forging, forming, powder coating, heat treatment, casting, punching, and spinning to name a few. These methods require several raw materials like tube stock, formed metal, welding wire, hardware, castings, and fittings. 

These are the primary stages of metal fabrication:

  • Cutting
  • Burning
  • Forming
  • Machining 
  • Welding
  • and Final Assembly 

Metal Fabrication in Sydney is an intensive process. It is an indispensable part of the creation process of many consumer and industrial products. It is an ever-growing industry and there are a wide variety of fabricators. However, it is best to choose from a company that will meet your needs. A good fabricator will recommend the best metal and design your manufacturing project with ease. 

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