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Why Is It Beneficial To Keep The Fire Hose At The Commercial Property

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Health, Home Improvement, Home Security | 0 comments

Fire hazards can be terrible and cause many fatalities unless there is proper equipment to fight the fire, especially in commercial properties. The human traffic in the commercial complex like a shopping mall or the office will be high. So if a fire breaks out suddenly, it can trap hundreds of people together and cause their death unless there is an arrangement for dowsing the fire as far as possible using the appropriate equipment like the Fire Hose before the fire trucks arrive. 

  1. Ensure Safety

As you know, you need to ensure safety within the premises when you are building a commercial complex. The same applied to the residential complexes too. It is mandatory to maintain the safety standards for fire accidents. 

  • Sometimes, a few minutes is sufficient to spread the fire rapidly through the office, where there will be many papers and files to boost the spread. By the time the fire engine arrives, many will be already choking. 
  • Fire extinguishers cannot control the spreading fire, for which you need the Fire Hose. If you have provision for connecting it even to the water tank of the building, it is possible to spray water at high speed and force that will extinguish the fire gradually and prevent further spreading.
  • As the commercial buildings usually have a centralized HVAC system, it will be a matter of minutes before the toxic gas and smoke will infiltrate every section through the ducts, and people at every area within the complex will start inhaling the smoke simultaneously. 

Avoiding such danger is necessary, and you must have the necessary equipment. 

Using Precious Time

You won’t realize the value of a minute until you see how quickly the fire that started probably in the pantry of the office has spread to the next level in a few minutes. At times of emergency, the ticking of the clock is crucial, and you need to utilize it every minute. The Fire Hose can be the ideal tool to help you use the time in the best way and control further spreading and consequent casualties. 

Training Is Important 

Just buying and installing the hose pipe is not the solution to combat fire hazards. You need to train a team of workers to use the Fire Hose so that they can immediately get in action once there is the detection of fire, mostly due to the fire alarm ringing.

  • Training is necessary to learn how to direct the water from the pipe to dowse the fire faster. 
  • Handling the heavy pipe is not an easy task. You must arrange for training so that the workers can learn how to handle these pipes without adding to the mess. 
  • Knowledge of the parts is also important as while using during the inspection process if any problem arises, the user can detect the issue. 

The Bottom Line

Maintenance of the Fire Hose is vital as it is not some equipment you have t use daily. But when you need to use the tool once during an emergency, its functionality can save lives. 

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