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Five Different Types Of CT Scans Casula

by | Feb 7, 2023 | Health | 0 comments

CT scan machine is an x-ray image. It is made up of using in the form of tomography. A computer controls the motion of the source and detectors. It helps in processing the data and producing the image. The ct scan casula takes pictures from different angles around different parts of the body. 

Computer processing creates a cross-sectional image of the bones, blood vessels, and the soft tissues inside the bone. This image provides detailed information about what X-rays can do. It is an internal process and several types of CT scans are applicable. 

Different Types Of CT Scans Casula

We have stated before that ct scan casual is done on various parts of the body. Depending upon the need, the doctor prescribes the scan of the body.

  • CT Scan Abdomen: The scan of the abdomen is the procedure that is used to view the tissues. It also includes other organs like the spleen, pancreas, liver, and kidneys. With the help of the ct scan Casula, it diagnoses accurately the main cause of abdominal pain like appendicitis, inflamed colon, infection, etc. 
  • CT Scan Angiography: Another type of CT scan is CT Scan Angiography. It helps to diagnose the risk of a patient’s heart condition. This x-ray creates an image of the blood flow in the body. This test helps to see what heart problem the patient is carrying. It also helps to detect signs of pulmonary arteries, and regular blood flow. 
  • CT Scan Chest: Another one is a CT scan chest. It uses special equipment to get multiple cross-sectional images of the chest and organs. The images are clear and show different types of tissues that include lungs, bones, tissues, soft tissues, and blood vessels. This chest scan suggests detailed information about lungs, tumours, tuberculosis, etc. It is a pain-free procedure. 
  • CT scan head: Another important CT scan is the brain. The CT Scan casual provides detailed information about head injury, brain tumors and other brain diseases. Other than that, it also shows bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels in the same images. Sometimes accidents, and blood clots in the brain. It is the preliminary way to identify the problems in the brain so that proper steps can be taken.
  • CT Scan Spine: CT scan spine the name suggests that it is the scan of the spine. It takes multiple images of the spinal column. Moreover, it also takes three-dimensional pictures. The bony structure of the spinal vertebrae gives accurate results in the scan. It also detects spinal damage. Sometimes, some hidden tumours remain in the spine. It provides detailed information. Other than that, the ct scan casula indicates the contrast material that needs to be injected into the spine. 

Lastly, to sum up, all we want to say is that it scans casula will help to detect all the hidden injuries and diseases in your body. Without neglecting anything you must contact them as per your requirement. The scans are painless and reports also come on the same day. 

For more details, you may contact us at (02) 9061 4700.

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