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Google Adds 3 New Content Guidelines For Education Q&A Structured Data

by | Sep 7, 2022 | adwords | 0 comments

Google has released some essential guidelines on how your page can be eligible for education Q&A structured data. This has been introduced keeping in mind the essentiality of connecting users to various educational opportunities. If you are an educational content creator, then these three guidelines can be beneficial for your page. Since Google keeps changing its algorithm and releasing guidelines by that, you need to understand how the system works. Here is everything you need to know on how and why Google adds new content guidelines for education Q&A structured data.

Guideline 1: Your Page Should Follow The Same Content Guidelines As Any Other Q&A Page 

When your page contains a question and answer format, you can set it up in such a way that it follows the Google Q&A Page guidelines. By doing this, your page can get a lucrative treatment and come up in the search results when a user looks up a question. You can do this by following some of these steps:

  • When you have a page where users can add answers to the suggested questions, add QAPage markup.
  • If you have a question and answer page in the form of FAQs, then add FAQPage markup instead of QAPage markup.
  • Do not use the markups unnecessarily on all the pages. They should be related and meaningful to your page.
  • If your Q&A page contains language or content that is obscene, profane, or sexually explicit, Google will not include it in the lucrative treatment of your page. Also, content that is graphically violent, dangerous or contains illegal activities should be avoided.

Guideline 2: Your Page Should Have Education-Related Questions

If you are opting for markups that are educationally related, your page should contain questions and answers that are related to education. For Google’s criteria, your page should contain at least one Q&A and the answer should be related to the question. The question itself should be the same as the user’s search so that your page can come up once they hit the search. Along with markups, this is another guideline that you need to follow for education Q&A structured data.

Guideline 3: Accuracy Of The Answers Is Important 

Lastly, the accuracy of your answers should be on point. The fact check of your answers should be precisely done. If not, Google may remove your page from the search results. Even if there is a part of the answer that does not match the facts of the question, your page will be invalid for Google. 

Why Is It Important To Follow The New Content Guidelines For Education Q&A Structured Data?

If you want your page to reach the right group of users, you need to follow these guidelines as precisely as you can. Since Google checks everything very extensively, it is important that all your question and answer pages are properly marked up and the answers are accurate. By following these three guidelines, you can rank higher up and have a better approach. You can also hire the best AdWords consultant Sydney for advice and help on these guidelines. 

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