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Why Installation Of Heated Railings For Towel Is An Energy Efficient Solution?

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Home Improvement | 0 comments

The towel warmer is common in cold regions. These rails are designed with advanced technology to keep the towels warm. These keep the towel dry and warm before using to dry the body. It is a practical addition to the bathroom, especially in cold areas. It is a boon during winters. 

The heated towel rail is an affordable and energy-efficient solution. The towels do not easily dry without proper sunlight. These rails are heated, and it helps in keeping the towels dry. This makes it convenient to use the towels. The dry towels reduce the humidity and make the towels hygienic for use. 

Installation of the Heated Railings for Towel

The railing installation is flexible and depends on the design of the bathroom. Install the railings away from wet areas and close to dry areas. The space close to the railing must be well ventilated. The efficiency of the heated railing is determined by the voltage and heat emancipated.

There are some factors to take care of while the installation of the heated towel rail. The rail must be installed in the correct space or area inside the bathroom. The mounting should be wired properly to reduce short circuit. The electric connection should be done by a professional electrician. 

Types of Different Heated Railing System 

The heated rail is used to keep the towel warm and dry. It is beneficial for extreme regions. The main purpose mostly is to keep the towel dry. This reduces moistness and keeps the towels hygienic. The technology for the heated towel rail includes a dry and wet type. 

The wet technology has towel rails filled with fluid. The rails are heated, and it is done by efficient transfer of heat transfer fluid. It keeps the rails warm and dries the towel. The heated fluid produces convection current which warms the towel. The heat is circulated as fluid flows through it. 

Another type of wet heated towel rail. Wet technology takes longer to reach the desired temperature. It allows rapid heating. The mechanism works to switch on and off processes. When the machine is in use, it heats the towel. 

Benefits of Using the Heated Rails for Towels 

There are many advantages of using the heated towel rail. The mechanism varies from type of heated rail used and its operation. The rails are energy efficient for colder places. The quality and safety standards are an essential pre-requisite to take care of.

  • It keeps the towel dry and warm. These are important for cold places or where humidity is high. It keeps the towel for use.
  • The wet towels are unhygienic. These are breeding ground for germs and mold. The heat keeps the allergens away and maintains hygiene. 
  • The towels do require frequent washing. It saves water and energy required to wash and dry the towels.
  • The heated towel rail is perfect during winters. The warm towel after a bath feels good. As the towel is warm and dry, it keeps one away from a cold towel after bath. 

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