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How Does A Swimming Pool Automation System Function And Perform?

by | Sep 21, 2021 | pool servicing | 0 comments

With the advent and assistance of smart devices, becoming cost-effective, inexpensive and affordable, customers seek connected devices in every market. Automated devices have become more ubiquitous, and research data reveals that in the near upcoming future, more automated devices will connect to the internet every minute now and then. A smart pool automation system is the latest and most advanced add-on and complementary addition to the automation revolution.

As compared to other allied smart systems, smart swimming pool automation does not control just one device. In the scenario of most smart devices, there is only one internet-connected device. A smart bulb controls itself similarly to a smart TV control itself. A smart doorbell gets connected to the app and that’s it. But on the contrary, a smart pool automation system controls multiple devices and enables them to dance to its tune.

In this sense, smart pool automation is more similar to a smart home ecosystem than a smart device.

What Is A Smart Swimming Pool Automation System In A Precise Manner?

Yes, your guess is accurate. A smart swimming pool automation system automates every aspect and parameter of dealing with a swimming pool. But to understand and comprehend what it is exactly and precisely, you are required to have a glimpse at the equipment that is peculiarly associated with a swimming pool. You are required to consider and keep in mind that not all pools have all of them or even need all of them.

Swimming Pool Lights:

This aspect is not always necessary. But it can become a stunning and beautiful addition and complementary add-on notwithstanding.


Maintaining water quality in a swimming pool is very crucial and significant. For a healthy pool, you are required to maintain the water within the prescribed narrow range. A large enormous body of water is also a breeding ground for microbes and might create and lead to problems for your skin. Hence, swimming pool owners take great endeavours and pains to maintain and upkeep the chlorine levels in their pools. Excess chlorine portrays its own group of problems.

Generally, pool owners maintain the specified chlorine levels by manually measuring the prescribed ingredients level in the tank employing the required necessary indicators and allied chlorine indicators. An automatic system, on the other hand, measures them and complements the necessarily required chemicals accordingly. This aspect is where the role of the sensor comes into play and performance for enhancing the pool automation mechanism of your swimming pool.

Salt Chlorinator And Dosing Pump:

Accompanied with the sensor probes, a salt chlorinator and dosing pumps work to maintain and upkeep the chemical levels in the pool within the appropriate correct spectrum and range. Dosing pumps are a comparatively novel but proven technology to inject a chemical into a liquid stream. The controller complements acid or base, or chlorine into the pool as per the sensor data.

Filtration System:

The filtration system maintains the pool water clean of any dirt or bacteria. The system also assists with a better-improvised distribution of chemicals to combat bacteria. Swimming pools generally employ a sand filter to clean the water before blending chemicals or adjusting or modifying its temperature concerning pool automation and customisation.


Pool automation is a mechanised system that delivers pool owners the ultimate peace of mind by automatically maintaining and executing the desired upkeep of the pool water quality and sanitisation allied aspects and parameters. It is a worry-free, cost-saving technology that permits you to enjoy your pool each time you require it.

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