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How To Choose The Perfect Bathroom Shaving Cabinets For Your Space

by | May 1, 2023 | Bathroom Renovation, Bathroom Suppliers | 0 comments

Bathroom shaving cabinets are an essential part of any bathroom as they provide a convenient and functional storage space for your everyday grooming essentials. However, choosing the perfect shaving cabinet for your space can be overwhelming, given the various styles, sizes, and materials available. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect bathroom shaving cabinets in Sydney for your space.

Consider Your Bathroom Space

Before you begin your search for a shaving cabinet, it is essential to consider the size of your bathroom. If you have a smaller bathroom, you may want to opt for a compact shaving cabinet that does not take up too much wall space. On the other hand, if you have a larger bathroom, you may want to consider a shaving cabinet that features a larger mirror and more storage space.

It is also essential to consider the placement of your shaving cabinet. You may want to install it above your bathroom vanity or sink to provide easy access to your grooming essentials.

Choose the Right Material

Bathroom shaving cabinets come in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and glass. Each material offers different benefits and drawbacks.

Wooden shaving cabinets offer a classic and timeless look and can be painted or stained to match your bathroom decor. Metal shaving cabinets offer a modern and sleek look and are ideal for contemporary bathroom designs. Glass shaving cabinets create an elegant and sophisticated look but may be prone to smudging and fingerprints.

Select the Right Style

The style of your shaving cabinet is an essential consideration when choosing the perfect one for your space. The style should complement the overall design of your bathroom and your personal taste. There are various styles available, including traditional, contemporary, and rustic.

Traditional shaving cabinets feature classic designs, often with ornate details and wood finishes. Contemporary shaving cabinets, on the other hand, feature sleek and minimalist designs with clean lines and neutral colours. Rustic shaving cabinets feature a more natural and organic look, often with wood finishes and distressed details.

Consider Storage Space

One of the primary functions of a shaving cabinet is to provide storage space for your grooming essentials. When selecting a shaving cabinet, it is essential to consider the storage space it provides.

If you have a lot of grooming essentials to store, you may want to consider a shaving cabinet that features multiple shelves and compartments. If you have limited space, you can opt for a compact shaving cabinet that features a single shelf or a small cabinet.


Proper lighting is essential when it comes to shaving and grooming in the bathroom. When selecting a shaving cabinet, it is important to consider the lighting it provides.

Some shaving cabinets come with built-in lighting, which can provide ample illumination for grooming. Alternatively, you can opt for a shaving cabinet that features a mirror with built-in lighting or installs separate lighting above or beside your shaving cabinet.


Finally, it is essential to consider your budget when choosing a shaving cabinet. Shaving cabinets come in a wide range of prices, and it is crucial to choose one that fits your budget.

While it may be tempting to opt for a cheaper option, it is important to consider the quality and durability of the cabinet. A high-quality shaving cabinet will last longer and provide better value for money in the long run.


Choosing the perfect bathroom shaving cabinet requires careful consideration of several factors, including the size of your bathroom, the materials and style of the cabinet, the storage space it provides, the lighting, and your budget. By taking these factors into account, you can ensure that you choose a shaving cabinet that not only looks great but also meets your functional needs.

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