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How To Identify The Old Teddy Bear

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Shopping | 0 comments

A teddy bear can bring a smile to anyone’s face at any time in their life. Some of the most loved toys in the world are teddy bears. They helped millions of kids sleep by guarding them against nightmares, devils, and creatures below the bed. Teddy bears still love companions and make thoughtful gifts for family members, friends, and even young children today. Teddy bears have remained popular for a very long time. Today, a lot of collectors go for old fashioned teddy bears as they take delight in owning the very first ones to appear on shelves. Are you interested in identifying an old teddy bear? There is an interesting origin story for teddy bears. You can tell a teddy bear’s age a lot by the texture of its fur. Below will a view of how to identify the old teddy bear: 

Look for labels and buttons

Is there a label on the teddy, or any indications of one? If yes, write down the location where it was found, such as foot, ear, back, chest, etc. Make a note of them if necessary. Can you identify the colour of the written text or any specific words? Check the stomach and ears for any holes that ear tags or buttons may have left behind. By considering these things, you can easily find whether it is an old fashioned teddy bear or not. 

Consider a bear stuffed with

Early bears were typically filled with wood fibre. Lighter filler waste wasn’t used in bear bodies until around the 1920s; their heads were still filled with wood wool. Foam rubber chips first started being used to stuff bears in the 1950s. Make a note of the stuffing for your bears.

Look for eyes made from

Early Teddy Bears had boot button eyes, but most manufacturers switched to glass eyes by the 1930s. Originally, glass eyes had painted backs, and it is typically simple to determine whether a watch is painted or made of two different types of composite glass. Plastic eyes were frequently used in postwar bear designs. You can note the colour and material used to create your bear’s eyes. Once you find that, you can order the old fashioned teddy bears from an online store.

Long arms and legs

The old fashioned teddy bears had quite relatively large arms and feet. So you can easily buy on the online platform. The arms would be slender, curved upward, and so long that they reached past the hips to the bear’s knees, yet the legs frequently featured broad hips, narrow ankles, and enormous feet. Most manufacturers started shortening arms in the olden days, often deleting the curve and shrinking the size of the feet. Note the length and shape of your bear’s limbs and legs.

Look for nose stitching

Numerous manufacturers used highly unusual patterns for nose stitching. Examine your bear’s nose closely. Pay attention to the stitching’s shield, square, or round shape. Do the longer stitches at either end move up or down, if there are any? By finding this, you can quickly know the old teddy. 

How long have you owned the bear

Your memories and those of your parents and grandparents may frequently be used to date family bear fairly correctly. However, you shouldn’t automatically assume that just because your grandma owned a bear, she did so when she was a child. This is frequently untrue. You can buy old fashioned teddy bears by checking the first manufacture date.

Bottom Line

If you want to buy the best and most unique old fashion teddy bear, you can look for a reputable platform. The above mentioned are the few points you can consider to identify the old teddy bear.

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