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How To Prevent The Occurrence Of Blocked Drains?

by | Jun 21, 2022 | plumber, plumbing | 0 comments

A blocked drain can cause many problems, such as bad smells and flooding, and should be avoided at all costs. Professional companies know how bad it is when a drain gets blocked, both in a business setting and at home. Therefore, here are some key things you can do to unclog blocked drains in Lewisham.

The plumbers who deal with and unblock your drains every day. Thanks to their years of experience and knowledge, they can give their customers tips on keeping their drains from clogged.

Check Manhole Covers

To ensure that your drains aren’t blocked, check your maintenance holes and drainage covers to see if the drains are free to flow. Because of leaves and other garden waste, outside drains often get clogged. Drains are moving slowly; this could be the first sign that a blockage is starting to form and should be fixed as soon as possible.

Drain Guards

You can buy drain guards to put over outside drains and gullies to keep garden debris from going down the drain and clogging it up. A blocked drain could cause much damage; sometimes, it takes digging to fix the problem. To stop this from happening, you can use drain guards to limit how much debris goes down your drain. This makes it easier to clean out leaves and other garden debris.

Guttering and Down Pipes

If leaves get into your gutters, they could get washed into your drains and clog them up. This is easy to avoid if you check your gutters for leaves often. This is only important for people who have trees close to their homes.

Avoid washing Oil and Grease down your drains.

You should not wash oil and grease down the drain because they could cause oil or grease. If you can’t avoid it, mix the oil and grease with hot water and soap to keep it from getting stuck in your drains. Solidified grease can make your pipes much smaller and make them more likely to get blocked.


When leaves fall from trees, they can quickly get stuck in the pipes and cause drains to become blocked. Your most important job is picking up all the leaves on your property and correctly putting them in the trash. The roots of trees are another significant cause of blocked drains in Lewisham. Roots are usually drawn to water, so they will move toward the pipes that carry wastewater. In order to get the water, these roots will then break the pipe. Because of this, the roots often get into the drains and cause them to get clogged.


You might think that kids are the only ones who try to flush random things down the toilet, but many adults do the same thing. We should be able to flush Q-tips and cotton swabs down the toilet, but not all septic systems can handle it, and the resulting clogs can be some of the hardest to fix. Ensure you only flush things safe for septic systems and can be flushed down the toilet.

Blocked drains can be a menace in your home. However, if you avoid doing the above things, you will prevent a blocked drain. Always call a professional when you notice any problem with your drain.

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