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How To Select Flowers On Your Wedding Day

by | Nov 12, 2022 | Florist | 0 comments

Flowers have become one of the essential elements in every wedding. Flowers are needed for table flowers, bridal bouquets, entrances, bridesmaid’s posies and interior decor.

However, picking the ideal flower for a wedding can be an extremely confusing task for most grooms and brides. To avoid that confusion, florists suggest picking flowers camperdown that go with the wedding decor and theme.

However, if you are extremely picky and theme oriented, you may want to pick your own flowers. You can find hundreds of varieties of flowers to choose from, which make it even more difficult to choose. Take a look at these tips to pick the right flowers for your wedding:

Make a budget:

The first and most crucial step in choosing wedding flowers is making a budget. The amount of money you can allocate as well as the varieties of flowers you use will depend on your overall wedding budget.

Most couples spend about 8% of their overall wedding budget on flowers. However, this percentage can change according to the types of flowers you order and the number of arrangements you require.

Find a wedding florist:

By working with the ideal wedding florist, you can find flowers camperdown that match your colour scheme, the season, and your budget. The florist you choose will be the one who executes your vision, so it’s critical to find one who is aware of your preferences.

They will also come in handy when it comes to giving you expert advice about your wedding flowers. They also guide you through difficult choices, like deciding between garden roses and peonies.

Consider the location and wedding venue:

Even though picking flowers based on your wedding theme is a good idea, you also need to think about your wedding location. Short or stumpy flowers will hardly be visible if your wedding venue is an indoor space with high ceilings. Choose tall, voluminous flowers to avoid this situation.

On the other hand, heavy or tall flowers should not be overcrowded in a wedding setting with low ceilings or little carpet space. In cases of doubt, speak with a florist.

Start with your wedding bouquets:

As a guideline for choosing wedding flowers, consider whether you or your partner will be carrying a bouquet down the aisle. It’s important to collaborate with your florist to create an arrangement that reflects your style.

After choosing the flowers camperdown for your bouquet, your florist can start working on the other arrangements. It includes bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, aisle markers, and centrepieces.

Determine the goals of your photo:

What kind of pictures do you want for your wedding? Do you want every picture to have a pop of colour? Do you prefer them to be plain and simple?

You must choose your wedding flowers carefully if you want to add a pop of colour and some life to your photographs. Choose your flowers based on the colours or delicate details you want to incorporate into your photographs. 

Bottom line:

There are no perfect choices for selecting flowers for your wedding. You are good to go as long as it fits the decor and makes you happy. The bride and groom must decide which flowers camperdown to use because every wedding theme is unique in some way.

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