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Influence of Early Settlements on Contemporary Forms of Mt Isa Qld Accommodation

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Hotel Accommodation, Real Estate | 0 comments

In recent years Mt. Isa has emerged as one of the major tourist attractions in Australia. Home to several heritage sites and cultural accommodations, early mt isa qld accommodations have influenced the contemporary architecture or building style of accommodations. Mt. Isa’s very existence is because of its vast mineral deposits and mining sites. And as Mt. Isa is the capital city of Rodeo, the festive season triples the city’s population every year. This is why mt isa rental accommodations are always occupied and in demand. 

Mt. Isa Qld Accommodations that have become Cultural Icons 

Some of the early infrastructural housing and accommodations have influenced the current accommodations to quite an extent. In this article, two such mt isa qld accommodations shall be discussed which have gained the status of heritage sites

Casa Grande:

As the ‘name’ of this iconic house suggests, it is a ‘big house’ in terms of its prosperity gained by the Mt. Isa mines. Casa Grande was designed by the prominent Brisbane-based architectural company of Donoghue, Cusick & Edwards. This grand mt Isa Qld accommodation was initially built for the General Manager of the mines, named Julius Kruttschnitt II. Probably much of his architectural ideas and style were incorporated in making this two-storeyed house. It was built in the year 1949 and gained its heritage status on 28th May 1999.

Description of the Accommodation 

Nettle street is where Casa Grande is situated. It is a large U-shaped Spanish Mission house in style. It is built of 6 inch Denaro bricks with white walls contrasted with dark-colored timber framed doors and windows. The roof and balconies are covered with terracotta tiles and the exterior walls are stuccoed. Built on a rise Casa Grande overlooks the mine and the surrounding mt isa accommodations qld that together form the mining settlement. Though a semi-arid area, the grounds are surrounded by luxuriant gardens. The property also contains a tennis court for recreational purposes. The overall ambiance of this cultural accommodation reflects the development of the city of Mt. Isa as a mining industrial town. 

Tent House:

This listed heritage house at Fourth Street of Mt. Isa was built to accommodate construction workers and miners in the year 1930. During rapid migration between 1926-1930, there was a shortage of lodgings. As a result, hundreds of tents were built to accommodate railway workers and laborers who sprawled between the town and the mining site. Policies were made to provide extensive mt isa rental accommodation for employees. Cottages for workmen and staff houses were built with supply and septic tank facilities. In 2013, the Tent House was relocated to the Underground Hospital site for better protection and access to the tourists. The house could initially accommodate around 40 men and later with the increase of my work, temporary lodgings could house 400 men.

The Current Mt Isa Rental Accommodations

Influenced by the construction and design principles of heritage accommodations the new suburbs have adopted certain features similar to them for constructing mt isa rental accommodation like hotels, inns, motels, and other public buildings of Queensland. This is because of the community’s willingness to retain the physical link and essence of the early mining settlements. The contemporary rentals not only accommodate tourists but also workers, students, entertainers, businessmen, and migrants who come looking for pleasure and job opportunities in the industrial city of Mt. Isa. 

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