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Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Orthodontic Devices

by | Jan 20, 2023 | Dental Orthodontics, service | 0 comments

Orthodontics is a new and specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on irregularities in correcting misaligned teeth, bite issues, and jaw irregularities. Orthodontics is described as the practice of straightening misaligned teeth or malocclusions. Orthodontics burwood specializes in this domain and can help you manage abnormal positioning of your teeth, jaw and face. Orthodontists aim to provide cosmetic correction, increase bite functionality, and prevent teeth diseases caused by irregularities.

Some dental malocclusions that orthodontics burwood helps to correct are:

Crowded teeth: Crowding of teeth and poor alignment of teeth leads to a poor bite.

Open bite occurs when the lower end of the upper front teeth does not touch the upper end of the lower front teeth, which leads to insufficient chewing.

Overbite: occurs when the top and bottom front teeth are not aligned, and the bottom teeth tend to touch the roof of the mouth. Sometimes this can damage the gums and the palate. 

Crossbite occurs when the teeth ends do not meet. It leads to insufficient chewing and erodible teeth.

Spacing: unnatural spacing between teeth which leads to poorly developed teeth. 

Eating restricted foods

Braces you receive from orthodontics burwood work by applying gentle pressure on your crooked teeth, which eventually realigns them to the correct position. Different orthodontists give you different lists of foods to avoid, so they don’t affect the orthodontic devices you wear. They are usually hard, sticky, chewy and crunchy foods. These foods bend or damage the wire and the metal braces. You should avoid those foods to avoid placing excess pressure on your brackets. 

Skipping your orthodontist sessions

You should complete all the sessions with your orthodontist throughout the treatment period. Metal braces need to be tweaked every four to eight weeks, while other devices may need changing or tightening every two weeks. Each session allows the orthodontist to analyze problems and progression to tighten the braces or device. Skipping appointments will make your treatment less effective and delay the treatment. 

Buying braces from a general dentist

A general dentist is not the same as a specialized orthodontist. Some people find it convenient to buy their orthodontic device from a general dentist. A dentist will miss out on the details while identifying your orthodontic issues and give you an ineffective brace or device. You should only buy your orthodontic gear from orthodontists. 

Attempting to fix the braces

People quite often try to fix their braces on their own. No matter how little your braces need fixing, you should always go to your orthodontist’s office to get it done. Superglue is not the same as a dental adhesive. There is also the risk of swallowing loose parts when they are loosened. Instead of trying to fix the braces yourself using your tools of choice, you should hit orthodontics burwood office. 

Final Words

Years of alignment of your teeth can go to waste if you stop wearing parts of the orthodontic gear like a retainer. Your orthodontist will give you instructions regarding your retainer or other specific parts, and be sure to follow them. Make sure to wash the devices in warm water and baking soda.

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