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Points To Consider Before Buying Poker Machine Screens

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Business | 0 comments

If you are a citizen of Australia, you must be familiar with the word ‘pokies’. The term informally defines poker machines, slot machines, and other gaming machines. The addiction to playing poker is increasing. More than 80% of people are engaged in gambling in Australia. 

Studies have shown that more privacy enables one to earn more gaming revenue. Therefore, adding poker machine screens to your gaming room is a great idea. Here are some points you must check before purchasing the right privacy screen for your gaming room.


If you often have to change the screens or divider in your gaming room, it consumes a lot of money. The screens for your poker machines must be solid and durable enough so that you do not have to replace them frequently.  

When you purchase privacy screens for poker machines from genuine suppliers, they provide you with high-quality material.

There are many materials available for the poker machine screens, such as wood, metal, fibre, etc. you must ask the supplier about their available product material, and you can choose one among them. 

Style and design

As privacy screens can change the whole look of your gaming room, you should choose the design carefully. The supplier you have chosen must have a wide range of styles for poker machine screens. It would help if you had a substantial screen, so you cannot select a thick, boring pattern. 

The delicate patterns are always graceful. These offer a classic and elegant look to your gaming room. While selecting the perfect screen style, you should consider the depth.

 It is essential to consider whether you want the screens to be a greater depth than the poker machine base or the same as the base. The greater depth may provide a little more privacy. 

While choosing the privacy screens, you can choose any modern screen pattern that looks gorgeous. But the most critical factor is the way must go well with your room wall, floor, carpet, etc. It seems so weird when there is no uniformity between the poker machine screens and the room interior. 

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