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Steps On How To Design Your Own Headstone

by | Jan 18, 2023 | Business, business service | 0 comments

It is really tough to bid farewell to someone you have held so dearly. But, with growing age, you need to say your final goodbye. There are times when you have to say your final bye to the world. So, trying to design your own headstone beforehand is a cool concept to follow these days. At least, you will now have full control over how your headstone is going to look when you are aware and what message you want to leave you behind.

Always start with the type:

Start by selecting the monument type that you want while you are on the mission to design your own headstone. Overall, there are two different options available. One is the flat plaque and the other is the headstone.

  • The flat plaque, as you can understand from the name, will look like a square.
  • Then you have the headstone one, which is a more traditional look with a curving bump on top.
  • You even have the right to customise the headstone as per your needs. For that, you have to spend a few bucks extra.

The message you want to portray:

The main purpose of the headstone is to provide some information about the deceased person. Generally speaking, people opt for the basic name, date of birth and date of death as basic information.

  • While you are on the mission to design your own headstone, you can easily add any message you want. You can leave any meaningful quote behind or something funny, which will surely turn some heads.
  • You can even focus on the font type and size when it is about crafting the message. It can be in bold and simple font or something in cursive.

The colour of the headstone:

The next step for you to consider is the colour of the headstone. It is true that as you are on your way to designing your own headstone, you don’t have to go for the usual colours like black, grey or even white.

  • If you have some extra money to spare, you can easily choose your favourite colour for the headstone.
  • It can be anything that focuses on your personality the most! 
  • For that classic look, going for the glossy black colour of the headstone is a good call. It can solely match the ambience of the place as well.

Always prepare a price budget:

It is important to know that you can spend any amount of money while you are here to design your own headstone. It can be too expensive or within your pre-set budget plan. The rates are subject to differ based on the type of custom-made options you have gone for. 

However, to be on the safer side, you need to research the basic and custom-made price points first. For that, visit multiple companies manufacturing headstones. Finally, pre-set a budget based on your research and always plan to stick to that. It helps make decisions a lot faster and more precise in nature!

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