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Stress-free Steps To Clean The Plantation Shutters

by | Feb 2, 2023 | Home Improvement, Home Renovations, Plantation shutters, service | 0 comments

Plantation shutters can be a lovely addition to your home and add just the gaze you want. As with anything you bring home, the fact sets in. Finally, you will have to wash it and clean it well. As much polish as Plantation shutters Annandale add to your home, their maintenance is pain-free. Just pursue these simple measures to ensure that your plantation shutters remain to look fabulous for years to come:

Clear the debris:

List your slats to an open position and brush each using a microfiber cloth or duster. You can also utilise a vacuum cleaner to vacuum each shutter row and clear debris. When you are done clearing the waste using a vacuum, you can use the duster to remove debris from the hubs of the shutters. If getting dust from fast corners is challenging, you can use a toothbrush to cleanse them carefully. Once you are done with dust reduction, you can proceed to the second step.


You want to be cautious with the kind of furniture polish you use. Once the shutters are dusted and your furniture polish prepared, apply furniture polish to your microfibre textile. It is right, even if you keep a spray bottle of furniture polish. Using the polish straight to the shutters could fall through the cracks and land on the window. Then with your fabric, wipe down the shutters row by row. Ensure to wipe down the edges as well as any fast corners. You can use the tilt rod to get the shutters from various angles and open them up to get the different sides. Try not to exit any gaps and take your time brushing them down.

Vacuum the remaining dust:

After clearing as much debris as possible with the vacuum, wipe it down with a dry cloth. It should allow the emptying of the majority of any remaining dirt. Ensure to concentrate on the spaces between the shutters and sites that may collect dust readily. By this step, the majority of the cleaning should be conducted. For good shutters, you can look for Plantation shutters Annandale.

Wipe using a wet cloth:

You cannot clear some sticky and relentless dirt with a dry cloth. Use a wet cloth or little water to scrub places with colours until it rises. Avoid using powerful chemicals on your plantation shutters, particularly wooden ones. Also, do not use extra water since it can push the wooden shutters to warp and distort. Ensure that you don’t involve too much pressure when rubbing tints, as it may impact the paint or the varnished look on your shutters.

Dry plantation shutters:

After cleaning your plantation shutters, you require drying them correctly. Your plantation shutters may include spotting and water damage if you don’t dry them. Drying is necessary to control dust from getting stuck on the groomed surface. Use a neat, dry cloth to clean your shutters and every hub. Open your windows to let fresh air dry them, or use a fan to blow dry. Plantation shutters Annandale are attractive and also require a bit of maintenance. They can look grungy and messy if you don’t groom them regularly. 

Final thoughts:

Follow these measures to keep your plantation shutters looking most suitable. Note down that plantation shutters use top-quality wood and hardware. Contact Plantation shutters Annandale for consultation on how they can benefit your home to look its best.

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