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Know About The Type And Cost Of Timber Flooring!

Know About The Type And Cost Of Timber Flooring!

Timber flooring in Newport has become a great option for most homeowners. Well, there are multiple reasons behind it becoming the main preference. First, timber flooring makes your living area looks amazing and adds to its warmth and elegance that no other flooring option can provide. Moreover, you cannot simply invest in any flooring that looks good. Many facts are required to be considered while planning to get timber flooring to make the right decision.

Let’s learn from a complete guide to timber flooring and learn different types of timber flooring and their cost. 


Hardwood is the most solid type of timber flooring that is made up of real wood. The hardwood is harvested from a wide variety of trees that don’t shed their leaves, including pine, oak, and walnut. When it comes to hardwood durability, timber flooring offers a highly durable material that lasts a lifetime if maintained properly. In addition, homeowners can get hardwood refinished after every few years, increasing their appearance and durability. Moreover, most of the hardwoods are already pre-finished. They have a protective layer on top, which protects them from moisture. 

Laminate Wood

Laminate wood is also sometimes referred to as floating wood which is made up of synthetic material that enhances the look of wood. After that, the wood is laminated to make it look shinier. Talking about its durability, laminate wood floors are fairly durable. Still, the best advantage that this offers is that they are easy and fast to install. Therefore, laminated timber flooring is suitable for homeowners who require solid wood with good finishing and a narrow budget. 

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is a thin covering of real wood that is glued by joining multiple players of plywood or other types of wood. These look like a sandwich where there is a top, middle and bottom layer. Most homeowners prefer engineered wood because it offer excellent stability with time. You can get engineered wood installed in any part of your home. In comparison with hardwood, engineered wood offers more moisture which is good for durability. The only disadvantage of engineered wood is that it includes various things in its installation process and is time-consuming. 

The Bottom Line

Out of all three choices, most homeowners prefer hardwood, but in today’s time, laminate wood is a smarter and more cost-effective alternative. In addition, laminate wood is resistant to bacteria and mould and is available in a wide range of floor designs. You can get all different types of materials from timber flooring suppliers in Newport. 00