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Things Involved In A Basic Funeral Package

by | Feb 18, 2023 | Funeral Services | 0 comments

It might be confusing to allocate all the resources required for funeral services at once. You might be distraught due to the death of your loved one, making things even more complicated. So the best decision that you can take is to pay the cost of a basic funeral package at once. But what will be included in a basic funeral? We will take a look at it here below: 

Death Certificate 

A death certificate is going to be one of the major requirements after your loved one has passed away. It’s with the help of a death certificate that you can legally let the world know that the person has died. It is a must-have element in a basic funeral package. 

Funeral Director’s Fee 

Can you conduct funeral services on your own? The answer is no. You don’t know all the things in the procedure that need to be taken into account. The procedure has to be conducted based on some traditional values. For this purpose, you would need a funeral director at all costs. After all, he’s going to be the captain of the ship. His fee is going to be an important part of a basic funeral package. 

Funeral Service Venue Hire 

You need a particular venue to conduct the funeral services. Even if you book it for a couple of hours, you will have to pay a handy price for it. This shall be a part of the basic funeral package too. 


A coffin or a casket needs to be bought to conduct funeral services as well. It needs to be quality and durable. So you shouldn’t be too worried about the cost of this item. You can manage with the inferior quality of other things involved in funeral services, but you cannot take your chances with a coffin. So no matter the price of the casket in the basic funeral package, you need to buy it keeping the highest standards of quality in your mind. 

Removal Of Body 

The body needs to be removed during the funeral services. Since the weight of the dead body is huge, you would need professional services to get the job done. So keep it in the basic funeral package too to get complete funeral services. 

Flowers And Other Decorations 

Since you’re paying tribute to the loved one, you need to make it as special as possible. The use of flowers and other decorations is going to be required to conduct funeral services properly. 

Cremation Fees 

In case cremation fees are applicable, they will be a part of the basic funeral package as well. You also need to ensure that a certificate is available for cremation services.  


If you’re not finding death and funeral service on your own, you might have to advertise for it as well. You can give death and funeral notice in newspapers and obituaries. Therefore, advertising will be an important part of the basic funeral package. 

You can make this package on your own too and have nice control over your budget. But certain firms can perform all these jobs. You might get a major discount on the services of such a firm for the basic funeral package!

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