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Guide To Keep The Tiles Flooring Spotless

by | Dec 26, 2020 | Home Improvement | 0 comments

Cleaning tile flooring often works like a tedious job, and it requires special attention to prevent moisture damage and staining. Besides, the high-traffic areas also need daily attention. But there are some effective ways to minimize the total amount of work that is involved with cleaning and maintaining these tiles, and by following the right methods, you can keep the tiles clean for an extended time. And for cleaning the tiles in Newcastle, it is important to act smarter and not harder

1. Identify The Material First:

Before you purchase a cleaner for cleaning the tiles flooring, choose something that does not include any harmful substances or chemicals, or which doesn’t damage the tiles. Avoid using natural solutions like vinegar or acidic solutions. Some tiles, mainly the naturally occurring stones like marble, are more prone to damage from the chemical cleaners than any synthetic materials.

2. Use Of Cleaners: 

Based on the tile flooring that you want to clean, there are several options for cleaning. Some cleaners work for every material, while other cleaners are only useful for some situations. Here are the top 3 cleaning solutions available.

  • Natural Cleaners: 

These cleaners are the perfect options if you want to avoid the caustic chemicals of most of the chemical cleaners. The natural cleaners offer a similar level of cleaning, causing no additional risk. One of the most popular solutions is baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide. This solution can rival bleach for cleaning and whitening acid-weak grout and tiles.

  • Chemical Cleaners: 

When people think of cleaning tiles in Newcastle, usually bleach and other strong-smelling chemicals are considered. Chemicals are one of the popular options for cleaning as these cleaners clean and disinfectant the surfaces by breaking down the dirt on tiles.

  • Dry Cleaning Solutions: 

These solutions are perfect to deal with smaller issues like spills or scuffs that have not been stained yet without causing damage to the surface.

How To Deep Clean The Tile Flooring?

Once you are aware of the tile type you are working with, it will help you more to choose the right cleaning solution more accurately. Only because your flooring can deal with heavy-duty cleaners, it never means that you blast your tiles in Newcastle with chemicals. In the case of marble and other tiles, it is better to avoid acids to prevent the risk of chemical reactions to damage the tiles. For deep cleaning the tiles, use a rag, mop, or any other important cleaning tools, which will allow you to apply the cleaner along with some elbow grease for removing the stubborn build-up.

How To Clean Grout?

You should similarly clean grout like you treat the tile flooring. It is better to avoid acidic cleaners, which can erode those. Materials like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and an eraser would do an outstanding job that would help the grout return to the natural colour. Alternative applications include pencil erasers or magic erasers, which offer you extra friction to work through the build-up.

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