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Tools And Equipment Required For Mobile Repairs

by | Aug 27, 2021 | iPhone Repair | 0 comments

Are you thinking about running your own mobile repair organisation that can provide services on doorsteps to people? You can go for it as long as you have got specialisation in the work of mobile repairs. It is not an easy job by any means. There are many firms in Toongabbie to do the job anyway so you have to try your best in order to get people to visit you often regarding their iPhone screen repairs in Toongabbie. 

Before any of that, you have to purchase some tools and equipment so that you can repair all sorts of mobile phones. We have listed down the necessary tools and equipment:- 

  1. Soldering Iron: 

This is one piece of equipment that is very important in order to do mobile repairs. You just have to buy a 50-watt soldering iron and it would be good enough for you. But you have to consider buying a soldering iron that is suitable for your hands. While using it, you can really burn yourself. So if you haven’t bought something that you can accommodate nicely, you’re in all sorts of trouble. 

  1. PCB Stand:

PCB stand is very important for mobile repairing as well. You have to make sure you buy a PCB stand that’s quality. If you go for an item that is inferior, you will be in all sorts of trouble. PCB refers to a Printed Circuit Board. While repairing a phone, it holds PCB strongly. The phone wouldn’t move while you do the repair thus there’s no lapse in your focus. In case you ignore this item, you wouldn’t be able to do mobile repairs at the same level as it might be required. 

  1. Solder Wire:

Solder Wire would also play a vital role in the process of mobile repairs. If the mobile has gotten damaged badly from inside, you will have to use solder Wire in order to do the job. It is mostly used to solder ICs or jumpers. It is better to go for lead-free solder wire to do the job safely. You have other options available as well but most of the leading manufacturers are producing lead-free solder wires since they are safer and more suitable for this work. 

  1. Artistatic Mat:

The use of artistatic mat is not considered vital by many mobile repair shops. But if you ask us, you will definitely need it. When you open up a device, there are chances that you throw the pins here and there and it wouldn’t be visible either. With the help of an artistatic mat, you can lay it all down it without worrying about anything getting lost during the process. If you choose a bright colour such as white, it would be even more suitable to do the task. 
These are some of the major things required to do mobile repairs. Other than this, you might need things like a magnifier, magnifying lamp or an entire mobile repair kit so that you can carry it with you when you do mobile repairs on doorsteps. It’s all about the needs and desires and how you pack a punch to achieve your targets!

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