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Vertical Blinds – The Comprehensive Buyers Guide Into These Stylish Window Dressings

by | May 2, 2021 | Blinds and curtains | 0 comments

When it comes to styling your home, there is so much to consider. Where will you place your favourite cabinet? Will the television be hung on the wall or stood on a unit? What type of window blinds will you choose – vertical blinds in Sydney, perhaps? Ok, so we think it’s pretty obvious that the last question piques our interest a tad more than the first two. We are firm believers that the right window blinds make a room complete. And today, we’re here to talk about vertical window blinds in Sydney.

So, if you’re looking for something that is both modern and classic to dress your windows, take a browse through our comprehensive Buyer’s guide right here.

What are vertical window blinds?

So, first things first. Let’s discuss what they are. Vertical window blinds in Sydney are window dressings made up of long slats commonly known as vanes. They are similar to traditional Venetian blinds in the way that they operate. Each vane can be adjusted in position, allowing the user to control light distribution and privacy. These window blinds can be installed on their own, along with sheer or voile blinds for diffused light or with full-length curtains for a luxurious feel. They are commonly available as a made-to-measure option due to the range of different window heights and requirements.

What materials are vertical blinds made from?

The beauty of vertical blinds in Sydney is that they can be made to suit your needs. If you’re on the hunt for a thermal dressing to lock in heat during cold mornings or a waterproof dressing for kitchens, they can be crafted to suit. Depending on your requirements, the slats can be either rigid (such as PVC) or flexible with normal fabrics. This variation allows you to create the exact window style you’re looking for without having to compromise.

Here at Shop4Blinds, we have a wide selection of vertical blinds available in different materials. Block out every ray of light with blackout blinds, embrace luxury with our faux-suede vertical blinds or put the safety of your family first with our fire retardant range.

Where to hang vertical blinds?

Vertical window blinds in Sydney are the perfect choice for big windows. Where you install them is entirely up to you, but here are some of our most popular suggestions to act as inspiration.

Patio Doors

One of the main places you will spot vertical blinds is on patio doors. This allows you to completely shut off the outside world at night time or during those moments when your family needs more privacy. They are made to cover the entire door, from top to bottom, and are easy to adjust for different times of the day. Here, you will normally find vertical blinds paired with full-length curtains for additional privacy or style.

Bi-Fold Doors

Similarly, vertical blinds in Sydney are perfect for bi-fold doors and for many of the same reasons as above. They are sleek and stylish, with enough styles available to suit your individual home decor. Style them up with sheer curtains or keep them simple to block out some of the sun’s harsh rays during the day. They allow your beautiful (and expensive bi-fold doors) to be appreciated in their entirety when guests come to visit.

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