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Ways To Make Your Bed Heads Unique And Useful

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Furniture, Home Improvement | 0 comments

Bedrooms are our refuge, where we go to rest and spend our leisure time, taking a break from the woes of the world’s burdens. It goes without saying that your bedroom needs to be a place of comfort, and for this, it needs to have proper decor and ambience. Especially your bed is the key accessory and furniture that needs most focus when you are planning your bedroom in your Edgecliffe home.

Modern headboards or bed heads in Edgecliff are more than just props for decoration framing your bed; they serve multiple functions as well. A bedroom headboard can be an amazing piece of furniture that can make your bedroom look even more beautiful. A nice bed head will not just beautify your bedroom; it will make your sleeping experience more enjoyable. You can choose from a variety of styles, sizes and designs available in the Edgecliff market today.

So before you jump on to buy an expensive bedhead, first figure out what you really want from it. Do you want to get some rest after a long day at the office? Or do you want your bed heads for beauty and style? The good news is, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Comfort and aesthetics can be combined.

Aesthetics and Utility

A bed head is a great way to bring attention to your bedroom aesthetics as it is placed in the centre of the wall above your bed. They provide support for your back while you sit up in bed or when you’re reading a book or watching television before you go to sleep. 

A strong bed head will support the bed and prevent it from being pushed off the wall when you sit or lay down. A good quality headboard will last you long, but it may take some time to find one that matches your taste and your room’s decor. 

If you are planning for a king-sized bed, then buying a bed head becomes necessary because the king-sized beds are so large that they tend to take up much of the space in the bedroom. You can choose from various styles of bed frames with headboards along with matching nightstands and dressers. Many modern designs also include storage areas within the headboard itself.

Materials For Bed Heads

Headboards are made from various materials like wood, aluminium, steel etc. Each material has its own set of pros and cons so you have to decide based on your needs and budget. Consider how heavy the bed is because if you buy one that is not very strong, chances are it will break down sooner than expected. Also, think about dust collection and maintenance costs before you make a decision.

This type of bed head is very popular because of its classic appeal. Wooden headboards are usually very sturdy and can withstand heavyweights. However, they can bye costly too.

Unlike wooden bed heads, metal ones don’t look good in every bedroom setting. You need a high-style bedroom to make a metal headboard blend in well with the setting. Metal headboards are also quite sturdy but a bit more expensive than wooden ones.

Customise It To Match Your Hobbies

Headboards can be customised to match and reflect your personality and hobbies. 

Some headboards even have built-in drawers where you can store your books and magazines, remote control and other personal items. Some headboards even come with shelves where you can display your favourite ornaments. 

Some people opt for a double-sided headboard which has an entertainment centre on the reverse side: this makes more room available at the foot end of the bed. If you are going to use this feature, make sure it comes with an electrical outlet on each side – it’s really helpful to have one beside your bed.

For those who love to read books before sleeping, you could get a book-themed bed head that would add a unique touch to your bedroom. This type of headboard gives you the feeling of being in a library when you read on it before sleeping. You could also get a vintage headboard made out of old newspapers if you love to collect them, or if you are into recycling things. You could also choose to go for art deco themed headboards which are popularly found in many bedrooms around Edgecliffe residences today.

The options are endless if you want to create your own headboard. You can go online and look at DIY sites where you will find hundreds of possibilities of making your own bed heads using pallets, scrap wood or other materials which are readily available in your home or nearest shops in the Edgecliffe area.

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