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by | Mar 12, 2024 | Home Improvement | 0 comments

Keeping a deck or patio open is not a good idea. It would be very uncomfortable to sit under an open patio. Some kind of shade can make your patio way comfortable on summer days. It would be a fun place where you can hang out with your friends.

Any kind of light roof or shade over a patio is called pergolas. Most of these shades stop UV rays and make the patio a cool place on hot summer days. According to their build, there are many types of pergolas available in the market. You can contact pergolas Campbelltown for this item.

Different types of pergolas 

Wood pergola:

Wood is an eco-friendly material for pergola. It is cheap and readily available in the construction market. Working with wood is very easy and you can make a good pergola out of it very easily. The wood pergola also looks very beautiful and increases the beauty of your patio.

The problem with wood is that it rots very easily after a couple of years. For this reason, you need to paint it regularly. You also need to apply an anti-termite coating every year. For busy people, it is an extra hassle they need to face with this pergola.

Aluminum pergola:

Aluminium is a light material for pergolas. But don’t underestimate its lightweight. Pergolas made from aluminium can be very strong and durable. This type of pergolas can last years without any care. They look very modern on the patio. It can make a normal-looking garden amazing.

The price of this pergola is a little more. But the extra price of this pergola is worth it. It would not rot in the harsh weather. Another benefit of this item is that it looks beautiful without paint. So you don’t have to spend extra money on its paint.

Fiberglass pergola:

If you want fancy material for pergolas, then you can choose fibreglass. It is a very lightweight polymer material. It can be translucent. It filters out 78% of light. So, you can experience a warm lighting condition under the pergola. At the same time, it gives enough shade that you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Price-wise, it is less expensive than metal ones. For this reason, it is gaining popularity in the housing market. Many people like its carefree maintenance. At a medium-range price, it can make your patio look beautiful.

Aside from these pergolas, there are many materials used for pergolas. Among them, stainless steel and PVC are very popular. In some places, hybrid fabrics are also used for them. You can also make them custom by contacting the manufacturing company.

Pergolas Campbelltown is one such company. This company has been in pergola making business for a long time. At an affordable price, they can make it for your patio. It is an Australian company and you will get the best from them. Many high-end people have brought pergola from this company. If required, they will also install it over your patio and make your garden look beautiful.

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