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What Should You Consider Before Equipment Installation?

by | May 26, 2023 | Business | 0 comments

If you are not ready for it, installing new machinery like a tray packing machine or case loader might cause a lot of hassle. Downtime brought on by mistakes can be very detrimental to business. A call with your supplier’s project manager should be scheduled immediately. They will be your primary point of contact for queries regarding machine installation and may have information to assist you in getting started. Besides this query, there are a lot of things to look into before equipment installation:

Contact the project manager.

You should consult your project manager first before you even consider making any equipment installation. You must have all the necessary information available since, for example, packaging automation can be challenging. Before moving further, you should gather all the information required because the project manager will probably have the answers to your inquiries.

Choose the floor thickness.

You could believe the floor is irrelevant, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You must ensure that the floor is sufficiently reinforced to withstand the additional force that multiple pieces of equipment will exert. For instance, a robotic case packing unit might exert a lot of pressure on the floor, necessitating an additional 8 inches of floor reinforcement.

Discover Environmental Conditions

You need to confirm that you meet specific environmental requirements depending on the piece of equipment you have placed. It could be challenging for the professional installing the unit if the surrounding environment could be better. If you are installing the equipment in any particular environmental circumstances, let the service expert know in a conversation.

Obtain the Required Supplies 

You will require a few tools for equipment installation. The technician installing the equipment will likely have their tools with them. However, if you are installing a piece of product handling equipment, you must ensure you have gathered all the required installation supplies. Additionally, please confirm any necessary specifics, such as power outlets or communication cables. You can avoid any delays by being fully informed ahead of time.

Drop Off Points for the Equipment

Dropping off the piece of equipment at the entryway is very different from installing it where it is supposed to be. For instance, if you install an automatic cartooning machine and know its intended location, you should coordinate the drop site with the provider. This will ultimately save a ton of time and safeguard your new machinery. The last thing you want to do is end up damaging it because of how you handled it.

Check the piping and the items around it.

Relocations and other changes won’t be necessary when replacing an old piece of equipment with a new one from the same series. In contrast, you should consider the environment if you are returning an outdated automatic case-packing device with a more unique, fancier model.

Are new pipes required? You may need to work on new electrical wiring. Is there enough room there to accommodate the new item? A comprehensive preparation will lessen your downtime, so be sure to write these items down ahead.

Wrapping it up:

Everyone knows what kind of work it takes for equipment installation. So, if you keep a checklist of the points mentioned above, you can smoothly finish the installation. Once you start following these steps, then there is no going back for your success.

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