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Why Businesses Should Recycle Wooden Pallets

by | Aug 16, 2023 | commercial waste and recycling | 0 comments

You may know that pallets are important for the transportation of various products. But you should not forget that recycling pallets benefits the environment and your business. The trash you prevent by recycling logistical operation components matches the money you stand to save. Recycling and using second hand timber pallets can keep your company profitable, in good standing with local environmental regulators, and upholding your reputation as a green enterprise. Here are some benefits for your business and environment if you recycle or use recycled timber pallets. 

Helping the environment:

Reducing the number of trees damaged for the production of pallets is one of the key advantages of recycling wood pallets. The most significant advantage is that wood pallets can be recycled numerous times until it becomes useful as other products.

Damaged pallets can frequently be fixed and returned to the stock for future use. While wood is biodegradable, many other materials can be re-engineered to increase lifespan.

Boosting business sustainability:

It’s no longer about making something, using it, and then throwing it away after use as business models change. The current focus of sustainable efforts is how often a product may be reused before being replaced.

Instead of relying on ongoing pallet production to replace products, this more environmentally friendly viewpoint aids businesses in conserving resources. Time and money savings are what a corporation will ultimately benefit from.

Improving worker safety:

Working around pallets when loading or unloading a truckload of products can be helpful, particularly if the products have sharp areas. The weight on the products may put undue strain on the workers or be handled carelessly during lifting, putting people at risk and products in danger.

Unsafe handling of products could result in splinters of wood or nails injuring a worker or puncturing a shipping box that might contain hazardous materials.

Employees moving products with pallets are safer. Employees can safely and easily lift and move heavy products with pallets. Numerous personnel handle wooden pallets. Thus safety precautions must be taken if business is to succeed.

Making extra money:

If there is a rising pile of wooden pallets at the warehouse, you might sell them to generate extra income before sending the cargo to the landfill. It all adds up and can provide a pleasantly unexpected source of income for the business.

Recycling places less reliance on plastics:

The more second-hand timber pallets people use, the less plastic people will need to complete the task. Plastic pallets have their role in businesses that demand quick and simple sterilisation. In some storage settings, wooden pallets are also perfect for stacking.

Recycled pallet timber can be used for other needs:

Pallet recycling is much more than tossing them in the trash and moving on. The recycled wood pallets can be used in many parts of the house. There is absolutely no end to what you can make with a repurposed piece of wood, from furniture to fixing fences.

Lower your business’s carbon footprint:

Timber pallet production and international shipment need a significant amount of energy. It is clear how significantly the pallet sector contributes to greenhouse gas emissions across all modes of transportation, including trucking, sea freight, and air freight. Don’t forget that all of this happens before the empty pallet gets to its destination.

Final thoughts:

Pallet wood may naturally store carbon, just like the priceless native trees. Send them to a recycling company for repair so they can continue to be utilised for logistics and carbon capture rather than being disposed of.

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