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Why The Lithium Dual Battery System Is Better Than The Traditional Car Batteries?

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Automobile, Business | 0 comments

Road trips are more fun when you power up gears like a mini fridge, safety lights or radios, even when you have parked the car. The lithium dual battery system is the chief requirement to enjoy such trips. 

The system will ensure that you have enough power for the gear. Your 4WD will always be ready to start with the dual battery system installation.

Lithium dual battery system: what is it?

The lightweight lithium batteries can add to the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. And when the same adds to a dual batter system, it becomes a power-packed combination. 

The dual system of lithium batteries uses a secondary battery over and above the starter battery of your vehicle. This secondary battery will be the power resource for the accessories and auxiliary gears. 

Working mechanism

The two batteries in the lithium dual battery system act as two isolated systems. The starter battery works simultaneously as the engine of the vehicle runs. 

  • Starter batteries work with the alternator to power the electronics and the vehicle. 
  • On turning off the engine, the secondary battery will power up the accessories and gears connected to the vehicle. 

Therefore, your portable fridge, lights and even inverters will run smoothly without running the engine. 

An isolator is responsible for this brilliant job. It will disconnect the starter battery from the secondary battery. It implies that the vehicle can draw power from one battery source only at a time.

Saving power sources

Using a lithium dual battery system ensures the dependent battery functioning of the two systems. The starter battery won’t drain because you need to run the gadgets. So, don’t worry about the possibility of the four not starting up owing to battery drainage. 

The battery isolator will also guarantee the complete charging of the two batteries. The auxiliary batteries are usually deep-cycle batteries. The reason is simple.

  • You can continuously recharge them after discharge without damaging the battery’s quality.
  • Prolonged lifespan 
  • So, using the lithium dual battery system will ensure that the power supply will be consistent. And there is no chance of the battery drying up. 

Advantages of the system

The article will only be complete if you know the top advantages of using this battery. 

  • The system allows you to draw power for running the radio, fridge, inverters and lights without turning on the ignition. 
  • Increased power availability when the used of a winch is necessary. 
  • No worries about draining the starter battery
  • In the advanced models, solar panels on the secondary battery aid in quick and efficient charging. 
  • Peace of mind even when the primary battery fails. 

Thus, the lithium dual battery system will be the perfect partner for long road trips. 

Overcoming the cons

With the top manufacturers designing very lightweight battery systems, you don’t need to worry about the additional weight of the rig. Also, the potential cost is reasonable and justifies the advantages.

So 4WD enthusiasts can now invest in these dual battery systems for a peaceful and exciting road trip ahead.

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