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Why Travertine Bathroom Tiles Near Me Are The Most Underrated

by | Mar 19, 2022 | Flooring, Home Improvement | 0 comments

Summary: Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most popular tiling materials. However, travertine bathroom tiles near me might be just as good, if not better. Here’s why. 

When shopping for bathroom tile near me, people consider appearance, durability, and costs. The bathroom tiles we buy also need to be anti-skid, easy to maintain, and water-resistant. That’s why many homeowners are drawn to natural stone tiles. 

When renovating your bathroom, you want to make it as functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible. That’s why the strong and durable features of natural stone tile materials like limestone and slate are widely lauded. However, another natural stone material is slightly underrated – travertine. 

Travertine Bathroom Tiles – Unique and Different 

Travertine was mainly used to construct patios, pathways, courtyards, and gardens in the past. But, buying travertine tiles for bathroom use wasn’t a popular option. 

The main reason behind travertine’s lack of popularity? 

There are some myths about travertine tiles that make them slightly less popular. Most homeowners think travertine tiles are expensive, require regular cleaning/polishing, and are slippery when wet. These subjective flaws are questionable. More importantly, they apply to all-natural stone materials in the market, including marble and granite. 

People shopping for bathroom tiles near me need to understand one thing – 

Travertine has a 100% natural composition. It’s a relatively rare natural stone. And just like most rare, naturally occurring rocks, travertine has its share of pros and cons. High costs, maintenance requirements, and installation difficulties are some cons of using travertine tiles in your bathroom. These cons apply to most natural stone tiles. 

However, the pros of travertine tile bathrooms are hard to find in other types of tiles. 

Travertine Bathroom Tiles – The Underrated Benefits

In the construction world, travertine tiles are considered to be great investments. That’s because construction experts know the following underrated and under-reported benefits of installing travertine tiles in bathrooms –

  • Cheaper than Other Natural Stone Tiles: Most homeowners think of marble or granite tiles when installing natural stone features in their homes. However, both marble and granite tiles are more expensive than travertine tiles. Travertine tiles look and function the same as marble/granite floor tiles. Homeowners can get travertine tiles that look and work just as good as marble/granite floor tiles for far lower fees. 
  • Colour Choices: In terms of colour, no other tile material can defeat travertine. When creating a travertine tile bathroom, you’ll get to choose between several colour tones and shades. Along with the colour options, you’ll also get to choose from several finishes, including brushed, matte, and polished. Shoppers can also buy travertine tiles of different thicknesses and sizes. Overall, the versatility of these tiles makes them excellent buys for budget shoppers.
  • Durable: Want to buy durable and moisture-resistant bathroom tiles near me that are designed for long-term use? With travertine tiles, you get all these qualities. Of course, travertine tiles need regular cleaning and maintenance. But, the great aesthetic value these tiles add to your bathroom justify all the maintenance-related hassles. These porous tiles are also non-slippery.

Creating a travertine tile bathroom can make your home more valuable and your bathroom spaces ten times more beautiful. 

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