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WordPress SEO Without an SEO Plugin

by | Aug 2, 2022 | digital marketing | 0 comments

The most common question that keeps every WordPress user confused is: “Can WordPress SEO work effectively without SEO plugins?” Let’s end the debate and discussion regarding this with a straightforward answer. YES. WordPress has a lot of SEO functions you can use to optimize without employing an SEO plugin but go for this only when plugins are not practical to choose for you.  The company offering creative website design in Sydney can be of great help in managing SEOs. 

There is no doubt that SEO plugins make work efficient and easy within no time. However, if there are no options where you can move for plugins, there is no need for worries or stress. Being a user-friendly environment, WordPress has choices for people who are unwilling to proceed with plugins. The best SEO services in Sydney will help in ranking WordPress sites in a better way. 

Let’s start with reasons to use SEO plugins and whereabouts you can avoid them: 

SEO Plugins – Useful! But Needed Mandatorily?

Usually, SEO plugins are mostly recommendable for publishers who do not have expertise in PHP coding, lost HTACCESS files, and whose robots.txt files are unknown. SEO has a high bar on its technical end in terms of coding. It is where plugins represent web publishing. A huge complaint about SEO plugins is the unnecessary features and making the user feel bloated with them. However, this is not the case across the board. Numerous SEO plugins are accurate, fast, and modular, where you can select needed SEO features.

SEO plugins are the perfect choice for risk-free publishers who do not want to go with other alternatives. 

Whereabouts of Not using SEO Plugins?

There are huge issues for the non-SEO person to handle the bug of an SEO plugin on the site, and that’s where you can push your site without SEO plugins. Without plugins, there are ways to boost your site’s SEO efficiently. Why not using SEO plugin will be helpful for non-technical people – 

  • No duplicate features already exist in a theme or WordPress
  • No unnecessary feature with problems occur
  • No bugs or conflicts with other plugins
  • Proper control over SEO

Therefore, use these ways to power up your SEO for the site – 

Front-end SEO needs to be strong. Instead of stuffing keywords, the main goal of google now is to provide users with high-quality, valuable, and relevant content. SEO is still valuable; it is the call for users to get on track with quality content rather than quantity to make your audience grab the site.

The built-in function must be used the most that covers basics, URL links, meta descriptions, keywords, and internal links.

Involve endless online resources with classes and webinars to maximize the benefits of built-in SEO functionality.

Chat engineers of WordPress are working perfectly in WordPress. Therefore go for it to engage your audience.

Sketching It

Therefore coming to an end, WordPress SEO can be done according to your convenience – whether with SEO plugins or without it. Above are the suggested ways to boost SEO without using plugins and the valuability of the site with SEO plugins. It’s high time to decide on your site as you need it.

Get in touch with a professional consultant offering SEO services in Sydney to rank easily on SERP and grab quality organic traffic. 

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