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Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing

by | Nov 25, 2022 | digital marketing | 0 comments

The marketing sector has advanced significantly in a time when the internet has largely replaced all but a few aspects of daily life. The emergence of digital marketing can be attributed to social media, email, search engines, and other websites.

All marketing initiatives that make use of the internet or an electronic device are categorised as Digital Marketing. Businesses use a variety of digital media to communicate globally with their existing and potential customers.

Although digital marketing is an effective tool in marketing, it is frequently hampered by misconceptions and myths. The misunderstandings around digital marketing frequently prevent business owners from participating online and optimising returns. Here are some important misconceptions about digital marketing that every business should know:

SEO is dead:

Many are downplaying the significance of SEO as a marketing tactic as social media gains popularity as a more powerful form of advertising. The fact that 93 per cent of online interactions start with a search engine, however, underscores the importance of SEO in marketing.

All you need for marketing is a website:

The idea that is simply building a website can help grow leads and boost sales is widely held. Having a website is essential, but it won’t be enough to attract quality leads and convert them into paying clients.

There are many procedures and factors to take into account while launching a high-quality website. It must be optimised for user experience, analytics, and search engines. It must be often updated, have high-value content, and have excellent aesthetics.

For Google to rank it near the top of the search engine results page, increasing organic traffic is essential. Ensure that it runs on updated software and is simple to access on all devices.

Digital marketing is not a priority:

Many businesses do not prioritise digital marketing as they view it as “good to have” or “a bonus,”. But in reality, digital marketing is an essential part of assisting the expansion of your company. In the twenty-first century, the majority of individuals use the internet to find the goods or services they require.

Before visiting or making a purchase, more than 70% of people conduct online research on a business. Therefore, work with an online marketing agency to make it a priority for you. 

Digital marketing is a technical aspect:

Digital marketing is exclusively technical, and it is the domain of computer experts is another misconception about the field. The success of digital marketing activities depends not just on technical expertise but also on a deep understanding of business and marketing.

Social media marketing is another name for digital marketing:

Social media marketing can be considered a part of the larger category of digital marketing. Although not the only one, social media is a technology utilised in digital marketing. Digital marketing makes use of a range of methods to connect with clients, including SEO, PPC, email marketing, and mobile-friendly websites.

Final thoughts:

Do you have problems with your attempts at digital advertising? GBIM Digital Marketing Agency works with clients to make data-driven decisions and report on complete digital initiatives. For all your digital marketing needs, contact GBIM digital marketing agency.

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